Monday, August 20, 2007

Because, Glamour Has Been the World's Leading Expert in The Wage Gap Since 1939...

This study coinsides with a Glamour article (November 2006) I was reading last week entitled "Are You Normal at Work?" The article stated that only 32 percent of women ages 25-34 clock 35 or more hours per week. Apparently, part-time work and flexible work are important to women as 80% of women polled say they'd take extended time off to care for family in the future. Perhaps some of what we call unequal pay, particularly as women get older is the choice of many women to take off time to raise families, a noble endeavor. To really evaluate how much gender discrimination plays a part in pay, studies must focus on the same job performed by men and women working exactly the same number of hours in today's market with the same requirements.

I've heard this arguement before and I still think it's retarded. It only makes perfect sense that Dr. Helen would believe this. Instead of realising that women are being punished for having careers and not being the stay-at-home mom, Dr.Helen explains that it's us ladies fault for making less money than the "hardworking" men.It's almost as if she's saying, work or childcare. In Dr. Helen's opinion you apparently can't have both. So you know all those single women working to support their children.. you know they made their choice..right... But Dr. Helen wouldn't take these circumstances into account.

But you know, if Glamour Magazine said it....

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Cammy said...

oh yeah, I wanted to add one of the comments that I was reading on Dr. Helen's blog.

"There's something else as well- men work harder typically at a business. Most women in the workplace (unless it's low-wage manual labor & that's because they are being heavily supervised) act like cats- they just sit there, eat and stare when they even bother to come in, or they just start trouble- wanting to have their 'meetings' every five minutes to discuss what amounts to nothing.

Let's face it, women entering the workplace has been a disaster and a joke. Notice when someone comments on women in the workplace they mention "women are 'present' everywhere"- not women have made American business so much better." So women are so 'present.' So is herpes. (ha)

Men also do all the hardest and most dangerous jobs that are invisible to women. Women are only brilliant at one thing: Deception.

This 'subject' is only in thousands of examples of how most women have no corresponding intelligence to the world they live in.

It's mind-boggling to me how mind bogglingly stupid someone would have to be to not understand 'more work=more pay.'

But then most of what most women say is pure idiocy. Look at most of them that comment on here. "

That's not women-hating or