Monday, January 28, 2008

ah music.

Hey all! sorry I haven't blogging my usual fem issues, but I'm going through a whole bunch of career changes. So in my spare time, I listen to music and I make music. So please check out my band Psychic Hotline at

Also! god I can't stop listening to the old blood brothers records. People always get all superior with me and tell me that they were just a trendy band... but you know what fuck them!!! cause everythign before their last record and the break up was phenomenal. And you now what?!!!!!! I love loud fucking crazy music thats melodic and heavy at the same time. You know I really don't understand peoples deffinaition of HEAVY. It's like people can tell the defference between actualy heavy, and just loud. or stupid high end guitar tones and actual heavy. man, I'm gonna post soon on what Heavy music is. I'm sick of people making me listen to bands and saying "they're so heavy" when really the band is just saturated in effects. nothing heavy about them....