Thursday, August 30, 2007

Facebook Weirdos...

So I know this isn't fem news, or canadian news but I just had to blog about facebook strangers. Does anyone else have trouble with facebook strangers? I always get the weirdest comments from complete strangers to my inbox. Over the last month I've received 3 enquiries from different people wondering if I'm their long lost, sister, daughter, and neice. I've posted about the retard Cliff who was bugging me before and blocked me for some reason, even tho he was the one who was pestering me??! strange.. today I get some random guys correcting me on my list of bands and then trying to be friendly, because you know, if you wanna make friends with someone you should always correct them to make yourself look superior first.

Anyway, does anyone else get weird "stranger" emails from facebook?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dr. Helen on Domestic Violence.

Oh Dr Helen, Dr. Helen

You have to wonder what kind of crazies she "hears" from. Cause you know if you got nothing to blog about, then you just make stuff up!?

Here's how today entry started:

When it comes to domestic violence, we're frequently told hear that men getting hit doesn't matter because even if men get hit, they are rarely hurt.

(Oh yeah, and she spelt the wrong "here" but who am I to care about spelling and grammar errors)

If reciprocal violence results in more injuries

what if one person hits their attacker, there might be more injuries?! Are you serious!?

By focusing only on men, women never get the help they need to reduce violence. The false notion that men perpetrate the majority of domestic violence and women are on the receiving end just doesn't seem to be holding up in study after study.

It's a shame all the studies she links all lean in favour of the commissioners opinion.

I always love Dr. Helen's domestic violence posts because of how they attempt to demonize women... not that most of her other posts don't do that as well. Anyone with any ounce of brains knows that men are victim of domestic violence as well. Dr. Helen however is of the opinion that men are the majority of domestic violence victims just like she believes that the majority of men who are accused of rape, are in fact falsely accused.

To really grasp how fucked up Dr. Helen is, please read her "about me" section. It gives you a perspective on her general outlook on western society and people.

I think Dr. Helen's mission statement should be changed to "Let's make cookies so the boys will like us"

Monday, August 27, 2007

Dear God...

More backwards thinking from Dr. Helen!

I have been reading the fascinating new book by KC Johnson and Stuart Taylor on the Duke Lacrosse fiasco entitled, Until Proven Innocent: Political Correctness and the Shameful Injustices of the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case. The book brings to light the factors that led to three innocent men being railroaded by the criminal justice system and by a society that presumes white men are guilty by virtue of their sex and race.

God, need I say more? The women needs a dose of reality. Or maybe she needs to walk around as a minority for a few years.

Lady Not Allowed In Club Because of Size

I meant to blog on this a few days ago when I frist read the article but the weekend was insane.

I dunno if this is true or not. I've been to the Dome and although I fully hate it and can't understand why anyone would want to go there, I've seen plenty of full-figured women in there. Although I'm not sure I can say I've seen anyone specifically over-weight. But why the hell would you wanna go to that glorified meat market when you can go to the Attic upstairs and hear some good music.

Anyway, I feel bad that the gal has met this kind of descrimination. At the very least she can make the owners look like scum bags if the business bureau won't take any action.

Why You Should Use The F-Word More Often.


"The Hoya" Georgetown University's newspaper published a nice article on why we should use the "f-word" more often. That F-word being Feminism.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Something about feminism not being neccessary?

It's not even 9 oclock in the morning and already I gotta read this crap.This article from the Times touches on an article I blogger on earlier in the week. And this is the second time I've seen this :

Only the older career woman, worried about a life ahead without a family to fall back on, still feels there is a battle to be fought.

Since when is a family a fall back plan? Confusion. Is that how men really view their families..?

Okay let me attack this:

At a stroke, Ms Weldon seemed also to be disposing of the famous Naomi Wolf argument, which once claimed that the fashion and cosmetics industry, dominated by men, dictated how women should look, forcing them to strive for a state of impossible, male-imagined, perfection. Those goals are still there, of course – in fact if anything they are more demanding than ever – but they are set, or rejected, by women.


OKay then the author goes on about books with wives of domestic virtue...

The article gets better sort of... but I fear that I don't understand what the authors acutal point is other than disliking the work of Ms Greer...

Anyway the whole beginning of the article was just aweful... and man am I ever hungover!?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Apparently the Common Cold Now Causes Obesity

This article claims that a virus that causes the common cold can now be blamed for causing obesity.... for gods sake. People will stop at nothing!? We all know the cause of obesity... why are scientists wasting money on stupid research like this?

Monday, August 20, 2007

Because, Glamour Has Been the World's Leading Expert in The Wage Gap Since 1939...

This study coinsides with a Glamour article (November 2006) I was reading last week entitled "Are You Normal at Work?" The article stated that only 32 percent of women ages 25-34 clock 35 or more hours per week. Apparently, part-time work and flexible work are important to women as 80% of women polled say they'd take extended time off to care for family in the future. Perhaps some of what we call unequal pay, particularly as women get older is the choice of many women to take off time to raise families, a noble endeavor. To really evaluate how much gender discrimination plays a part in pay, studies must focus on the same job performed by men and women working exactly the same number of hours in today's market with the same requirements.

I've heard this arguement before and I still think it's retarded. It only makes perfect sense that Dr. Helen would believe this. Instead of realising that women are being punished for having careers and not being the stay-at-home mom, Dr.Helen explains that it's us ladies fault for making less money than the "hardworking" men.It's almost as if she's saying, work or childcare. In Dr. Helen's opinion you apparently can't have both. So you know all those single women working to support their children.. you know they made their choice..right... But Dr. Helen wouldn't take these circumstances into account.

But you know, if Glamour Magazine said it....

"ladies these day's don't know how lucky they are"


I can't help but think this is just a "you young women don't appreciate your freedome" speach, rather than someone being blatantly ignorant to pressent day sexism.

We get it. We know that women 30,40,50,60, 500 years ago had way worse than we do now. But did the women of the 60's roll over and say, "hey, at least we don't have it as bad the women 50 years ago?!" and therefore dropped a pursuit of equaility? NO! They didn't.

Then there are dumb statements like these:

"Men have them and are terrifically interested in them till about 45," she said, "and then their interests can shift to their wives and families. But working women, they don't have time, so they don't have this other fall-back situation."

Which I find quite insulting. Cause you know, men's families are "fall-back plans" when their jobs are no longer fulfilling...great..

I'm sure she didn't mean it quite like that... I hope she didn't mean it quite like that.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Toronto Strippers Taking a Stand.

I meant to blog on this yesterday.

My opinion is, let em dance. By not allowing immigrant women to work in strip clubs your not stopping exploitation or making a dent in the sex trade industry. It's that whole thing all over again. Limiting the rights of women are not going to stop horrible things from happening to them. Can we please address the real issue!? Why not place heavier surveillance in the strip clubs to monitor possible human trafficking, and drugs? Honestly, stripping has been around forever. It's not gonna go away (nor does it have to) and these women should be able to work in these clubs just like Canadian women, if they so choose. I'm be a lot more worried about regulating the clubs than stripping strippers of their rights.

Quebec Mennonite Parents Fear Losing Their Children to Child Services.

Mennonites, Canada's Amish well, not really.

A Mennonite group consisting of about 15 families are forced to relocate because of what they say is a local intolerance of their religion. Child services was threatening to take away children Mennonite children from their homes because the children were not attending government approve schools.

For the school to be legal, the teacher would have to be certified and Quebec's official curriculum would have be taught.

"To do that, we would have to send teachers to schools we don't want to send our children to," Mr. Goossen said.

Community members disapprove of other schools because "we don't agree with the emphasis

on evolution, which we consider false; we don't like the morality standards; and we don't like the acceptance of alternative lifestyles," he said.

Okay, I am not very tolerant of religious beliefs when they are imposed on myself or others. But I feel a little bad for these people even tho they don't want to teach evolution, and think homosexuality is a sin. However, I only feel bad that they are being threatened. But I do believe their children have a right to a proper education (not that any of East Coasters got a proper education. jk.) I know Mennonites from back home who went to school with everyone else. I would assume that their parents taught them that evolution was not part of their religion. One can still learn evolution and reject it (although it's pretty damn hard cause evolution is god damn fact, but that's what they're scared of right)

Obviously, I don't agree raising your children in a censored environment. Which is very much what some of the more extreme Mennonite groups do. Limiting knowledge is just dangerous. Breeding ignorance is dangerous, but that's how religions like these work. Control.

But this is a more extreme group.One of my friends grew up as a Mennonite. She still goes to church but she doesn't follow the more strict teachings, such as the banning of technology.

It's hard, because when religion is involved, you don't want to step on any ones toes. But religions that cause harm have been shut down. So does the limiting of education inflict harm? I would say yes. But taking children away from families..No. There must be some compromise here? Sadly, I don't have an answer. It would be nice if they just sent their kids to school... you know to at least learn tolerance.

Antimisandry crashed PunkOttawa!

This Punk Ottawa thread was crashed by Marx from yesterday. I just had to post it cause it's quite comical. Thanks to steve and jordanna for their awesome posts!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Man Kills Wife, Kills Himself, it's like a big 'ol american trend.

So I was bugging wing-nuts on Dr. Helen's page again. They've got their chastity belts all in a knot over that about the Winkler case. It's a tough case! I wouldn't know what to convict her of either. Self defense? Could really can't tell from the evidence mentioned in the articles. They are all mad over there and think she got off light cause she is a women. But personally I think that's just silly. So I send them a list of men getting off light from the They promptly accuse me of being an idiot because those are Canadian listings. So I start googling for US listings and I was shocked!! The number of pop-ups I got weren't that men were getting off light, it was like a plague of men, murdering their wives, and families and then shooting or hanging themselves!

Here's the search I did first.
You can find even more if you narrow the search.

It hit me though, I wonder what this is all about? There are so many listings in the last couple years that it seems like common place. However, I have only found 2 articles where a man killed his wife and was then arrested. No sentence mentioned in the documents tho.

If anyone can find more info about US wife slayings I'd like to see. It just seems so shocking at the homicide then suicide rate over there...

Another Mom Blaiming Article.

Blaming pregnant mommy.
Researchers say kids likely to crave unhealthy fare if their mothers ate junk food while pregnant

Hear that ladies? Your bad! Bad women! You have determined that your child's fate as a fatty with your horrible lust for junk food while pregnant!! (insert sarcasm please)

Okay, let's just review this article for a begins with:

A little ice cream and the occasional pickle is one thing.

(wait whats wrong with pickles?and ice cream has calcium right? But if the London Royal Veterinary College says so...

A Harvard University study released earlier this year showed that women who gain excessive weight while expecting were four times more likely to bear children who were overweight by age three than those who remained slimmer during gestation

no way?! you mean if you put on weight then the baby growing inside you will too?

But it's also been suggested that these mothers raise fatter kids because they continue poor eating habits long after giving birth, and pass these on to their children.

really?! poor eating habits cause children to be overweight!? no... it couldn't be.. I mean, noo.... your joking..

OKay, then the study claims that mothers who eat fatty, salty, sweet foods will actually "re-wire" a babies brain while in utero, to crave those food all their lives! So wait, I guess that means that before said mother ate deliciously unhealthy food, that the baby would have grown up as a perfect being who would be pre-disposed to enjoy only food of the utmost healthy quality.

oh and the researchers used rats for this... which they say "removed human social, cultural and psychological factors that could prompt youngsters to choose burgers, chips and doughnuts." Because they have done this, they are saying that it proves a direct link between a maternal junk food diet and the development of the appetite. I'm sorry but this sounds like horse-shit to me. I can't believe they'd waste money on something like this. Are they not taking in account that humans have their free will and ability to choose what tastes they find preferable?

Why are people constantly looking for a way to explain obesity when the answer is obvious? I'm so sick of these damn studies. Not a day goes by before I see another one. And apparently we must now blame mothers everywhere for "re-programming" their children to be fatty,sugary,salty eating machines before they even have a chance to try solid food! Bad mothers! Your fattify-ing the entire population! If only you could show more restraint while pregnant and horrible uncomfortable, and starving constantly, and puking, and not sleeping, and being kicked by your child, poked and prodded by doctors we wouldn't have fat kids everywhere!!!

The fact of the matter is, shit does get passed to your baby in utero. Stuff that fucks it up, like drugs for instance. But what they're suggesting is "re-wiring" of the brain and that's just silly. You want a baby that's not overweight then get a copy of the Canadian food guide. Don't blame yourself because you binged on some french fries. The messed up this also, is that the article never states how much weight gain during pregnancy is "excessive".

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Aggressive Panhandlers slay man in Toronto.

Crack Heads !

Well I can't help but think the particular people who took part in the slaying were actually 21 year old x-run-away kids.

I'm deeply disturbed at how bad Ontario cities have it right now in regards to the homeless population. It's happened now that crack is so cheap (less than $3 a rock) that more and more of the homeless population are addicted. I live off the main drag in ottawa and am asked for change every two blocks at least. All of the panhandlers I encounter are either high or drunk. When is Ontario going to wake up and do something about this? When are they going to fix the system?obviously these people weren't always like this.What cracks did they slip though? It's so sad. Ottawa is such a beautiful city, we don't want hostile streets.

I'm Engaged!

Yeah, I decided to out-myself on here. I just realised this is the only blog I haven't made the announcement. We're getting married next summer!

Oh Dr. Helen... hours of entertainment.

Wait, maybe I should just call my blog "trashing bigots" . What do you think?

So I've been reading Dr. Helen's blog..okay you have to check it out cause she's just so silly. For someone who claims to have so much education, you'd think that critical thinking would have let her address her own bias.

Exhibit A failure to address authors descriminatory mark about the donation of left over eggs. Heterosexuals only!

Dr. Helen isn't all bad, but for the most part she's just plain silly. I like the article on tipping where she's saying the best tip is when someone told her she'd better get a better attitude if she wished to get a career in waitressing. Now everyone who's ever waitressed has had a customer like that. But Dr. Helen says "I left shortly afterwards, realizing that what she said was true--with my personality, I had no future in waitressing" I know I'm just harping on the smaller things she's said on her blog.. but I'm of the opinion she can't be someone with a lot of redeeming qualities anyway. If I know one thing, it's that people who can put up with the horrifying treatment that a waitress receives just to make ends meat, have amazing will power, drive and tolerance. Dr. Helen, couldn't have needed her job very badly... Anyway, she also has a whole paragraph on tipping. She also says:

I have also noticed that hairdressers and spa services charge more than psychologists get for an hour of psychotherapy from Medicare, our share? 67.00 per 60-75 minutes. I went to my hairdresser yesterday, and was there an hour and a half--my total bill: $110.00. You could say that the poor hairdresser has to pay for being in the spa, but try the overhead of a professional office, it's probably more

I'm sorry but if you've got $110 dollars to blow at a salon, then your making some good cash lady.. and btw, the overhead costs of hairdressing is substantial! You'r paying for product they use in your hair while your their (incl. shampoo, gels, spray, dye, tools) plus time for cutting your damn hair perfectly.

oh then, she says :

If doctors and professionals can deal with people who balk at having to pay a five dollar co-pay for their care, then massage therapists and hairdressers etc. can tolerate not getting the whopping tip they think they deserve each and every time.

okay wait a second... is she comparing doctor's salaries to hairdressers salaries and saying they're equal.. I'm sorry... am I misreading her? Correct me if I am please. I can't understand why someone with "education" could say something like this...

OKay so maybe I'm still mad at her for cutting up feminism and being too stupid to see the goals of feminism. Maybe I'm still bitter because she's so sucked into the idea that feminism is about female superiority and not equality... yes I am. So? What ya gonna do about it? I think I should do a weekly blog on her.

Company charging employees for being overweight!

In late June, the Indianapolis-based hospital system announced that starting in 2009, it will fine employees $10 per paycheck if their body mass index (BMI, a ratio of height to weight that measures body fat) is over 30. If their cholesterol, blood pressure, and glucose levels are too high, they'll be charged $5 for each standard they don't meet. Ditto if they smoke: Starting next year, they'll be charged another $5 in each check.

Is that not insane and also, descriminatory?

Third wave feminism and the mommy wars.

This article blames third wave feminism for ignoring the fact that women in a lower income households often do not have the choice of whether to be a stay at home mom. The article isn't particularly good, and it would be nice if they'd actually give specific faults rather than a general accusation but I see what the authors attempting to say. So what do you think?

Do I Have To Change The Name Of This Blog?

I'm posting this just because I can't believe this is still news. I've already seen way too many articles on poor clinton's use of the word "girl". I think I'm gonna start calling this blog "redundant news" or "news that hangs around too long" or maybe even, "how is this news?"

Seriously, who cares about Clinton's use of the english language!? Not me.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Sex neccessary step to a socially adjusted teen

There's something to be said about "first time" stories. Actually any teenage- sex stories I've heard are usually ridiculously entertaining. The shit my friends and I went through as awkward teens experimenting. But without all those failed attempts, sticky situations and hesitant encounters we wouldn't be the stable, healthy young adults we are.... right??

which begs the question, do people who have sex in their teens become naturally more socially adjusted?

I would say yes. The first time I had intercourse i was 16.. no wait 17? uh? it was grade 12.. anyway, let's describe me as ignorant and socially awkward up until that point at least. I was also desperately trying to have sex all through high school to no avail since I was pretty much, undesirable and incapable of talking to the opposite sex for the most part... except for some of my gay male friends. At any rate, I did manager to hook up a couple times in high school but it took a lot of liquor to make me lose my verbal diarrhea. In the end I think I got a little action a couple parties but didn't have sex until mid grade 12.

At any rate, thank god! It was like suddenly I wasn't so horrible uncomfortable with myself. It was like, ok that's taken care of.. onto the next adventure.. Of course I ended up in 3 year relationship with the wrong person, but the rebound sex after that was super fun.

I can't help but think that if I had managed to lose it a little earlier in high school, I may not have been such a horrible socially awkward freak in my last years of high school. I was certainly a depressed and anxiety ridden teen. But hey, now I'm just an alcoholic.. which really isn't all the different.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Perverts! They're everywhere!

I know I'm a paranoid ass... this much I have accepted about myself. I'm paranoid. But I'm paranoid in really strange ways. See, I can walk around at 4 am alone downtown and not be worried about my safety.. well when I'm drunk I worry less. I'm paranoid in the type of way where I'm certain that there's some kind of hidden camera in the unisex bathroom at work. I'm so paranoid, that I go to great lengths to conceal myself while taking a piss.

I'm also paranoid in the way that, creepy male landlords in the past, have led me to believe that my shower and other intimate areas were also being watched! This had me scurrying around for a pin hole camera and fearing the bathroom. I dunno where exactly I developed this paranoia. I'm not the type of person who worries if her food has been poisoned or whether the CIA is tapping her phones. I'm more concerned about perverts. Living in a tallish apartment building accross from more tallish apartment buildings.. I find myself glancing out my window before I change to make sure there is no ass with binoculars.

I'm trying to put my finger on this paranoia. It's similar to my paranoia of being in high places when I'm drunk.(which I've recently gotten over) because one time I was really drunk I was completely convinced that jumping off of said high place would be an excellent idea. Okay so my version of drunk is not exactly other peoples version of drunk... at any rate... weird paranoia's and how to trace them? I got no clue.

Also, I'm pretty judgemental of older men.. in the sense that I look at most of them and think they're perverts... maybe thats because there are so many older men that are perverts and everyday I have an incident. example of yesterday:

I'm walking home from work and I see a friend across the road and I wave to her with a big smile and she waves back. all of a sudden I notice this old man standing nearly infront of her (who i wasn't paying attention to)was paying an awful lot of attention to me.. i think he thought i was waving to him, so a bit awkward but i just pass on by him and i see out of the corner of my eye, his whole body turn around and following me. So I'm walking pretty fast and taking swirvy streets to get home just to make sure I'm not paranoid. But he is following me! right until my apartment building is in view and luckily my boyfriend was headed in my direction! He gave me a big hug and kiss and I felt releived... however the man walked by us and stared at me with this really huge and creepy smile, I was wearing my sunglasses, the type you can't see peoples eyes through... and anyway, I noticed that tho his whole head was cranked nearly backwards watching as he was now in front of us...

another story is this creepy old man that takes my bus everyday. He's this fat old chinese man who obviously feels no shame in staring at womens breasts as they walk by and will even take a step back to take a real good look at random girls' asses. Now I had a problem with him first because before I noticed this behaviour I noticed that he would stand a meter away from me and stare at me with a smirk... just stare. The only reason I noticed is because I was looking for the bus. But he just stood there. If I was in the bus terminal, he would be on the other side of the glass facing me and staring. At first I thought it was my imagination, but then I was alone one day and he was clearly staring at me. It was making me very uncomfortable. This has been going on for over a year. He use to try and sit really close to me on the bus and I would always get up and move somewhere else on the bus. I have noticed tho over the last year how he goes through phases between staring at me for a month and staring at another for a month and bouncing back and forth. It's freaky. So what do you do? what do you say? He's just a pervert.. ignore him? I guess. All I know is, I'm keeping my keys accessable at the bus-stop.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

I Heart Dan Savage

I just had to devote a little space to the one person who gets it all when it comes to sex. So I thought I'd post a few of my favorite letters and back talks!
Big Time
July 5, 2007
By Dan Savage

Joe Newton
I'm a 29-year-old married man. My wife and I are both active people (rock climbing, cycling, and kayaking) and our sex life is good. However, since high school I've been turned on by thick, big-butt, big-tit, ugly, trashy girls. In my 20s, I would secretly go to bars in the suburbs to pick up these thick, ugly girls. But I've only ever been in relationships with fit, attractive, intellectual girls. I'm married to one and I'm madly in love with her. I've been able to repress my desires for the past three years, hoping that I'd become sexually attracted to my wife. Unfortunately, it's now clear that fat, ugly, hick girls are what turn my crank—but I could never be in a relationship with one of these girls. Quite frankly, these girls are of no interest to me outside of my sexual desires. What should I do?

Big And Trashy Lover

Sometimes I don't even know where to begin.

But, fuck, might as well start with the truth: Do you know why you dismiss the girls you find attractive—girls who are not, by your dick's definition, unattractive in the least—as "ugly, trashy girls," "thick, ugly girls," "fat, ugly, hick girls," etc.? For the same reason, BATL, that you've ruled out the possibility of ever having a relationship with a fat girl: You're a cowardly, hateful piece of shit.

That's unkind, of course, just like describing all fat girls as "ugly" or suggesting that women can be intelligent or heavy but never both. So here's a kindler, gentler take: A long, long time ago you internalized our culture's anti-fat prejudice. We all do, of course, to greater or lesser extents. But when you hit puberty, BATL, your sexual tastes brought you into conflict with those anti-fat prejudices. At that moment, BATL, you had an obligation to yourself and to your future sex partners to overcome your prejudices. Instead, disgusted by your desires, you projected your disgust and anger onto the women you want to fuck. Terrified of the shame and judgment that would come your way if you had a relationship with a big woman, you convinced yourself that all big women are thick, stupid trash. A big woman might be worth fucking, you concluded, but she could never be worthy of love.

So what do you do now, BATL? Well, you either stay with the skinny woman you married—a woman who will never satisfy you sexually—or you divorce her and find yourself a big girl, a woman who's active and intelligent, a woman you could love madly and wanna fuck, er, badly. But you know what? That woman deserves better than you.

I'm a 47-year-old man and my wife is 49. We got married four years ago. Two days ago, she came back from the doctor and told me she has genital herpes. She said she must have contracted it years ago and never had an outbreak until 10 days ago. She has been to the doctor countless times over the years. I don't know what to think. Is it really possible she didn't know? I know she needs me to be loving now, but it's hard when I can't believe she just found out. If she knew about it and lied, my trust is destroyed. Also, how can our marriage survive when I can't bring myself to have sex with her? What do you think?

Marriage In Serious Trouble

I think you're being a douche, MIST.

But, hey, everyone's entitled to a little douchebaggery now and then. The wife's got a sexually transmitted infection—that's upsetting and you're freaked. Understandable. You're also overreacting and misinformed, MIST, and continued douchebaggery on your part may end your marriage. So set down the douchebag and start getting informed, okay?

"His wife could have been exposed to the herpes virus decades ago," says Karen J. Pataky, a nurse practitioner and clinician at Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington. Which means it's possible that your wife didn't know, MIST—believe it. Why would she suddenly have an outbreak? "Her immune system could have kept it contained all this time," says Pataky. "As we near 50, our immune systems become a little less competent to deal with certain things."

As for all those trips to the doctor? "None of the medical situations that MIST describes would lead a physician to check for herpes antibodies; she would not know through routine blood tests, either." (MIST included some details about his wife's medical history that I shared with Pataky.)

And guess what, MIST? If your wife could have been infected for years without knowing, then you could have been infected for years without knowing. Pataky connects the suppurating dots: "It's possible that he is the one who infected her and he has not had an outbreak. Or he had a small outbreak and it went away quickly and he didn't think twice about it."

So what do you do now?

"He can get a blood test if he wants to know if he has antibodies to herpes," says Pataky. Antibodies only indicate that you've been exposed, not whether you will develop symptoms. If it turns out that you're not already exposed, MIST, you can use condoms at all times to protect yourself—but condoms don't provide 100 percent protection against herpes. So why not do the decent, loving thing and just assume you're already infected and refuse to let a piddling thing like herpes destroy your marriage? "Cancer, HIV, heart attack—that's horrible news," says Pataky. "This is not horrible news. Herpes is not something to ruin a marriage over, medically speaking. It's never life threatening and it's possible to go years without any outbreaks."

So, MIST, do you love your wife more than you fear a relatively mild STI that you've probably already been exposed to and may have exposed your wife to in the first place? If the answer to that question isn't "yes," MIST, you're a bigger douche than I thought.

I'll post a few more in a bit. I've got to find them on the net!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


A week ago I was commenting on a feminist blog and this troll came in and started blabbing about us "angry" feminists and how we're so egotistical. So anyway, for the hell of it, i check out his blog which he was also bragging about. His blog which is so cleverly labelled Antimisandry, is of course, just female hating in disguise. The majority of articles are about "false rape reports" and conspiracy theories about feminists. It's screaming about evil women not letting fathers see their kids by using the court system as weapon and all kinds of garbage. I tried to find something credible in there.. I'm trying to give the persecuted penis, the benifit of a doubt but I have to admit it's pretty damn hard after reading a couple of those articles. Posts are typical really, false rape alligations, women killing their children, how young boys are receiving poor education... yaddda yadda.
So owner/author of the site proclaims that his site isn't anti-women, it's anti-feminist... I'm sorry... isn't that basically saying that you don't care about women's rights and equality? soooooo isn't that basically anti-women? I think the articles speak for themself. I'm always shocked by these sites even tho I've seen so many.

oh I've linked this particular thread from the site where a feminist goes on to ask questions about anti-feminism. It's messed.

Apparently now Low-cal sweet make kids obese

This study just sounds fishy to me... there talking about over-eating in relation to high and low calorie foods but they don't mention anything about the type of exercise they receive. Let's speculate for a moment and wondering what kind of environment these rats would be in.. tiny cages, possibly with other rats? possibly with no room to run around. I'm just speculating of course, but being in a cage sounds pretty damn boring.. and I know that when I'm bored, I tend to wander towards the fridge and get creative with some ingredients.. hence I like to eat when I'm bored. If you eating because food is put in front of you.. (which most scavenger animals do) and then don't get proper exercise, aren't you.. ahem, pardon me, going to gain weight!? The fact of the matter is the damn rats ate both the high and low calorie food pretty readily. Then there's this statement:
For one of the studies in their research paper, published Wednesday in the journal Obesity, four-week-old lab rats were conditioned over 16 days to associate certain sweet or salty flavours with low-calorie food.

Sorry what's this conditioning? The article doesn't specify and I don't get it... the damn animals over-ate both high and low cal right!? this is just stupid... what does this prove? That a scavenger animal over-ate food that was put in front of it... because oh I dunno.. years of evolution has passed down the instinct that it better stock up when it sees food cause you never know how long it'll be until you get to eat again!?! I'm confused.

All this worry about the calorie content of diet food, shouldn't we be more worried about the preservative crap and replacements that go into diet food?

Furthermore, isn't it more logical to conclude that we simply over-eat because most HUMANS agree that food tastes good? Certainly it must be more logical to conclude, that our western society and it's obsession with instant gratification might just be a leading cause of obesity?! Maybe that's it? Or our office jobs? Or our "you get more bang for your buck" restaurant industry?

I see what they're trying to say here... and the whole "I can eat more because there are less calories" excuse is probably the rationale of a lot of "dieters"... but seriously, as much as I despise diet products (mostly because of it's processed and artificial ingredients) I hardly think they are the cause of obesity. Everyone knows that dieting alone doesn't work and a healthy diet doesn't include a whole bunch of crappy diet products, like soda and low-cal cookies. So WTF?!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Patronizing the smoking population

In response to a question on PunkOttawa post about media making it okay to verbally bash smokers.... anyway i thought I'd weigh in.

I'm a smoker, and I respect peoples right to clean air. If someone doesn't want to live with a smoker and infect their air.. no big deal! It's their right to breath clean air.

However, I am sick and fucking tired of people approaching me on the street to tell me that I shouldn't be smoking. Part of this I think is because people think I'm much younger than I am so they think I'm a minor smoking.

But whatever prompts these people to walk up to a complete stranger and say "you shouldn't be smoking" is really pissing me off. My usual responses are :
"oh really!? god I had no idea! What have I been doing to myself all these years ?Thank you for letting me know!" followed by a furrowed brow.


"Jesus came to me last night and said I was invincible"

or whatever other crap enters my head at the time.But if these strangers are particularly rude I take a big drag from my smoke and blow it in their face. Most people look confused and walk away when I do that.

At any rate, I respect peoples right to clean air...(however with the polution no one really gets clean air) but I will not tolerate asshole strangers walking up and telling me my fucking business! paternizing smokers does not make them want to quit! It just makes them want to yell back at you.

Pet Peeves

I'm obviously bored. So here's a list of pet peeves. Please note that these are not in order of most to least annoying.

1. People maintain that you don't understand because your young... when really they're only a few years older than you..

2. People who dye there hair with the top black and underneath is blonde.

3. People who don't agree with you on internet forums and quickly announce that you are a troll.

4. Tabloids with attention drawn to "celebrity cellulite" or the opposite "she's shockingly thing!"

5. Getting stuck being a slow walker on the sidewalk.

6. Gett stuck in line at the grocery store behind someone who's being a jerk to the cashiere.

7. Men who maintain they know more about music.. you know, cause they have a penis.

8. People who shoot down you musical taste purely because of the genre.

9. How the Aloha Room (local bar) has all male DJ's .

10. Being gawked at by strangers on the street which makes me paranoid that there's something on my face.

11. People who ask me for change and then see me five minutes later and ask me again.

12. Office Politics.

13. People who make out in public areas... find a fucking room.

14. People who start making out together while you were having a conversation.

15. Lipstick lesbians.

16. People who's style changes as celebrity styles change.

17. People who read "People" magazine.

18. People who think that Avril Lavenge writes her own songs.

19. People I don't know try to add me on Facebook.

20. People who continuously poke me for no reason on Facebook.

21. People who are so socially awkward that they make me feel awkward.

22. People who lean up against me while I'm sitting at the bar.

23. People who get served at the bar before me, just because they're loud and obnoxious and have a penis.

24. Strangers who walk up to me on the street and lecture me about smoking.

25. People tip poorly.

26. People who complain about the food in restuarants and take it out on the waitress.

27. People who tip poorly because they don't like the food.

28. People who grab waitress' ass.

29. carpet.

30. People who sneeze without covering their mouth.

31. X boyfriends that you run into, who try to make you jealous by pointing out how their life is so much better than yours.

32. My ankles that always hurt.

To be continued...

Why Men Kill Their Wives.... news?!

I was reading >this article today and I got to thinking how lately I seem to be reading a lot of articles that just aren't compelling. Keep in mind I read the news everyday, I go through dozens of blogs with links and you know what, some things are just not worth bringing up. Why is this news?! The great people at the Boston Globe must have incredibly sheltered lives because they are pondering why men kill their wives as if nobody could ever figure out why men kill their wives. Once again.... why is this news? What's even more stupid is that apparently also thinks this is news. Why?! Granted Boston is talking about a couple men who locally have murdered their wives but the whole question "why, why!?" is stupid. It's not like a train suddenly de-railed and we're going "why god, why?! how could this have happened". No we're talking about something that happens all the time because of men who think women are disposable. It's not a god damn mystery. I can't help but think the author is writing a summary essay for some class.

Make no mistake, I'm not linking this article because it's interesting and revolutionary and put new ideas into my head... no I'm linking this article cause it's so uninteresting that it has further reminded me of how horribly redundant the news is.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Dumbo Octopus off the East Coast!

I think I've made a post about the Dumbo Octopus before. They're so awesome. Well they found one off the coast of eastern canada!! awesome eh? It's about time us east coasters got some interesting sea life!! Read about it HERE!

Researchers are saying that they found tropical like life in deep sea off the coast of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. Anyway, they found some neat shit! Must have been a real adventure for the people in the submarine.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Asshole brought dog back to SPCA!

The SPCA just wrote me back about the Labradoodle from the two posts below! I'm glad the dog is back in good hands to find the right owner.

Hello Amy,
Thank you for bringing this whole matter to our attention.
We contacted him, and told him to bring in the dog and we would refund.
He just did that.
I think that he had problems with people contacting him as there are a
lot of crazies out there.
Take care.
Thanks again for your help

Women Stabbed With Sword In Dartmouth, NS.

Woman Stabbed With Sword!

This happened in Dartmouth Nova Scotia, just outside of where I grew up!! It's sick. You don't expect to hear stuff like this but domestic violence has been on the rise for quite sometime in NS.

I'm a little annoyed how the headline reads "pregnant women" . I wonder if the event would be so plastered all over the chronicle harold if she weren't pregnant. People get stabbed all the time in the Halifax/Dartmouth area, and you rarely read about it.

Halifax/Dartmouth like any city has its violence. But it feels as though I read more and more articles about domestic violence. Back in 2003 authorities thought they had a plan to prevent femicide. Officers responding to domestic disputes had a 15 point questionaire to give to the female involved about whether she thought her boyfriend/husband/whomever would pose a fatal threat. (kinda stupid if you ask me, who really thinks they're spouse is gonna kill them? and if they did, would they flat out tell you about while wishing to stay in their spouses company? We all know that women of domestic abuse aren't capable of thinking completely logically. Battered women don't leave for psychological reasons)

The better part is that the officers have their 24 count check list they keep to themselves about what they see/hear and all that to determine if the women is at high risk for femicide.. however, I haven't been able to locate any information about how well the program has done since or whether its reduced femicide. After reading the article today, I'm inclined to think there are better things the law enforcement of the city could be doing.

I'm going to further research Nova Scotia's domestic violence protocal. I'll let you know if I find anything useful.

Oh I thought I'd post this useful piece of info I got from an volunteer who works for the Halifax Sexual Assualt Center. It's about how quickly violence escalates when a woman becomes pregnant

Update : SPCA contacts jerks selling adopting puppies on the internet.

I received a letter back from the SPCA (please see post below as reference) It's so sad.. here's what they've said:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have telephoned them
and asked them to return the dog to as as per our Adoption agreement;
however, they are refusing.
We could take Legal action; however, this would take money away from
our animals and we are not certain that we can afford this.
We are very upset that people would do this as we had a lot of interest
in this dog and this particular family spent almost an entire afternoon
with the dog and really, really felt that it was perfect for their
This is a very sad situation.

I'm so mad, I wanna call these people and harrass them for being such deplorable human beings. Although I did notice today that they have deleted the add from the Kijiji site. I suspect they are using another internet classified. I am on a missing to track them down.