Monday, October 29, 2007

OH TV....

I'm not one of those people who self-righteously proclaim to hate and never watch tv. I'm not one of those. I actually watch a little too much screen than I should. That being probably two hours a day in the evening when my mind is too tired to actually think. However, I'm always stuck watching the same series over and over again. Seinfeld, the Family Guy, the Simpsons, Star Trek, Robot Chicken and one of the best sitcoms to come out in the last five years, Arrested Development which has sadly seen it's demise with last year. All my favorite things get cancilled. I count myself lucky that Robot Chicken is still running... I haven't seen a new episode of Aqua Teen in at least a year. I, like so many others, have taken to buying my favorite series on DVD for fear they will one day fall out of syndication. But beyond these few tv shows, the 700 and some odd channels on my digital cable box has little to offer and I'm wondering, why the hell do I have cable? Honestly I think I'd be happier owning all the seinfeld seasons and some kids in the hall than flicking endlessly until I find something worth watching. Not only that but while flicking I become horribly depressed by the commercials and various programs. Flicking through the womens television stations has to be the worst. These channels are for women yet they prodominately air reality shows about plastic surgery, cleaning you house, brides and how to dress. Then they throw in a Meg Ryan movies, or a made for tv movie adaptation of Daniel Steel novels. Are we sapose to be so vacuous? Then the commercials are beauty products, weight loss commercials... before you know it, your self esteem has just taken the beating of it's life and your wondering why you feel so shitty today.

Can we have a womens channel that actually caters to women without catering to the "every women wants to get married, clean her house and look good for her man" becuase I've yet to see it.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

MRA spins: women and their lenient sentencing...

I think this is a good example of the type of article that MRA's use to support their hatred of women. I think it's important to draw attention to this article and the fact that it was linked on Dr Helen's blog because time will tell whether or not they will be able to use this as cannon fodder. You see Men Rights groups and supporters love to draw attention to female on male violence and then cry about how women receive lenient sentences because of the fact that they are women. The funny thing is that the articles trickle away and become ancient history very quickly if said female prep does receive a sentence that is just. It's the ones they rave about, like the famous Winkler case, where the female perp gets a "lenient" sentence that they actually remember. Those cases are few and far between. Also the most interesting issue is that the MRA's fail to include important details of self-defense, mental issues or other important factors. These important factors are called out as out-right lies by the MRA's and supporters because we all know that all women are evil and trying to destroy the defenseless men of the earth, or sorry, north america... because MRA's rarely care about the men of impoverished countries. There's one vital piece missing from MRA sites, the fact that they are only concerned about whats happening in North AMerica, UK, etc but not third world countries, or countries fraught with war.

I think it's important also to note that feminist don't profess that every woman is pure, just and honest, but that we do understand the difference between self-defense and murder. Something the MRA's of course blurr.

I'm interested to see how this case develops, whether or not it develops to the liking of the MRA, and what spin they can put on it. We'll see if this one becomes ancient history.

The Mongrels!

So its been a couple months since I've put on a show, but I'm currently working on a show with Montreal headliner the Mongrels! I wanted to take the time to acknowledge how freaking awesome this band is and how much lead singer Amy Torok kicks rock'n'roll ass. Click here for an article written by the Hour.

You should also check out their myspace page and listen to their music HERE!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Today's Laugh : "Poor White Men"


This is so typical I had to post it. The author, like so many "poor white men" (and I mean poor as in "oh you poor mistreated little boy" not as in someone impoverished) believes that feminism emasculates men. and why not since, feminism is the reason for so much divorce. This particular author paints a picture of the dominant feminist woman (who apparently is every women in Western society according to this guy) He claims that men are tossed to the curb for being unable to "perform".

if a man is not up to sexual standards, he is given the divorce papers, falsely accused of emotional and physical violence, placed under strain physically and mentally to the point of being mentally hacked to death or sent to a psychiatric institution.

Apparently someone has never heard of Viagra... I'm sorry but what does "unable to perform" mean exactly. Erectile disfunction? or just "hey baby I'm not in the mood?"

Apparently western women are sex hungry, controlling fiends who laugh and mock their husbands/significant others if they can't maintain an errection. And guess what folks, apparently this happens all the time!! Many men suffer silently under the iron fist of the almightly wanting vagina! Did you know that Western women now run the entire western society and how men all over North America cry at night because they are so oppressed....
A woman, at times, prefers a man who performs sexually but does not perform ‘other husbandly duties’ of work, paying taxes...

awe is someone scared of female sexuality?? But you know it's all feminisms fault :

It does not help that feminism, which is a western imperialist concept, which denies the family in favour of the individuality of the woman to do whatever she wants.

#1 most typical complaint right there... feminism is responisble for the break down of the family unit... So big myth #1. Since the people who believe this say that the solution is that all women be locked into matramony for their lives regardless of how their husband treats them, or how they ended up with husband. If only the men folk could control us raging selfish bitches! (oh typical characterizing of feminist and most women by MRA activists, is that us women are just so selfish)

You know the rest of the article is really hard to stomach because he's serious, but you can read it and laugh because it's so ridiculous.

At least feminism has an antidote.

This antidote is called womanism and is in Iran. Stephania Harris has also espoused womanism in her blog. Womanism is the right of the woman to be herself but also to respect the family and the husband. It does not necessarily mean servitude for the woman. It means empowerment for the woman, her family, while ensuring domestic tranquility in the family. It is also based in spiritual concepts found in all of the world’s major religions, such as Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism.

While this does not excuse the fact that men have to attempt to perform their duties as a husband including the sexual component, it should be remembered that married couples do not need the strains or pressures of “do this” when things can be achieved through peaceful means.

*sigh* because the middle east has been so good at empowering women.....

At least one of the commenters isn't a complete retard. She said this:
surely the solution to inequality in relationships like this is equality, not re-oppressing women. Sexual inequality negatively effects both women and men, so see-sawing back and forth between two extremes will never make everyone happy. If people were all seen as equal, regardless of gender and whatever ludicrous expectations go with that, then we wouldn't have this problem. People would be seen for who they are rather than what they are 'supposed' to be. It's obvious we haven't reached that kind of a society yet, but that doesn't mean we should stop striving for it, and it certainly doesn't mean that we should go backwards into this 'womanism'. That concept is in blatant opposition with the ideals of equality for ALL. Women can respect themselves and respect their husbands and family, but only if men agree to do so too. Equal rights means equal expectations on both sexes.

Anyway I got a bit of a chuckle out of the article. Very typical. The whole womanism deserves an entirely seperate post tho... god.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Buy Me New Boobs?! What?!

I can't decide whether to laugh or cry...

None of the money, says Moore, has gone to any of the founders. "We're donors just like the other male members," he says. "We work full-time jobs and do this as a public service."

Try wrapping your head around this... you post your picture on a website and if the men folk like what they see, they can donate money to making you look more like what they want to see... a barbie doll!! This is the female body being objectified at it's best. I'm not sure who to feel sorry for in this circumstance. The poorly raised men who think this website is okay, and see nothing wrong with it telling women (who already must be suffering some kind of dysmorphia) that they need to augment their body to be desirable and also look the way men want them to..., or the women who are on there trying to raise money for their new jugs... Female objectification aside, whats the deal with this trend of making plastic cosmetic surgery a household name and worse, a house hold "DO" ? Breast enhancement, among other things, have become so acceptable in our culture that they rack (hehe pun totally intended) attention from every media source and are now advertised on radio stations, tv stations, magazines, you name it , it's there.

I think Dr. Weiner said it best in this article and thank god someone did :
"This Web site is a bad idea because anything that trivializes plastic surgery is dangerous," Wiener says. "Plastic surgery is a serious decision that should never be made light of. turns serious plastic surgery into a contest, which is something I find appalling and frightening."

You don't want to hear the testimonials for this site. This site is half a porn site and the girls pass it off as if it's MSN messenger! They interact with their donars over the net and have admitted to them being "raunchy". Oh and then one of the girls tried to compare her C section to surgery for breast implants... One of those surgeries is a necessary to remove a human life from another human being, and the other is necessary to to put a foreign object into chest to make it more appealing to the disturbed men-folk of the world and possibly your dis morphia ridden mind. Hmmm can you compare those? I don't think so.

Back From Vacation !

Back from vacation! The details are not important to this site but can be read about on my livejournal. So it's back to some serious blogging... I've missed so much. Part of being on vacation for me, is not touching my computer. It's wonderful to get away from cyber land for a while. I've done some catching up in the world of feminist blogging as well as the world of new in general. I even stopped by Dr. I wish I had a cock Helen, I mean Dr. Helen's blog to see what none sense she was getting up to while I was away. As a treat I've included my favorite quote from last weeks series of entries :

"The book opens with essential gear that girls need: the list includes among other things, a swiss army knife described as a key tool for survival, a bandana to keep your head cool, rope and twine to help learn about knots, a journal, a hair band--great advice for girls with long hair"

Wow! wonderful observation Helen! It's plain to see how she was able to make it as a forensic psychologist with these kind of keen observations! wow. natural instinct there... for stating the obvious. Still best quote over the past week.

Anyway, I guess my one regret of being away from the blogosphere is simply that I missed out on all the Laura Sessions Stepp bashing.

Friday, October 5, 2007

"Perfume" - the movie, the book, my opinion.

I was engaged in a short-lived discussion last night with my fiancé. Wait, perhaps I should back up. Monday night I was engaged in a movie which led to a short-lived discussion with my fiancé. The movie was “Perfume”, based on a highly celebrated novel about a man in 17th century France who wished to preserve the scent of women. Okay, my fiancé adored this book and claimed to have read it no less than five times. I have never read the book but have observed his copy on one of our many bookshelves. In the end he asked me what I thought of the movie. I said I found it disturbing. I didn’t get to explain much about why I found it disturbing. I managed to get out- he murdered women to preserve their scent (disturbing), that the movie portrayed a murderer of women with an overtly sympathetic eye and a disturbing amount of sanity…(the movie made it appear that the lead character wasn’t really doing anything insane or wrong at all) I didn’t get much further. It was my comment about the murdered women all being virgins, that lead him to believe my opinion was a defensive reaction, which in some way it was. I despise the whole virgin prizing. I think it’s sick. It’s just another way for men to control women. Controlling ones sexuality is to control ones very nature and freedom… oppression… anyway, we all know this. I get sick of seeing it all the time. This movie/book/piece of art, expresses that virginity is a prize, in fact a state of heavenliness… I don’t wish to spoil the ending of the movie for anyone, but if you watch the ending you will know exactly what I mean.

The thing is.. I really loved how the movie was filmed. The colouring of the shots in squallier has a blue/grey quality to impress upon the dismal existence one would lead in Paris… I can only guess. But I didn’t like the way the story was told. As if the lead character were not a completely insane beast. It was kinda fairy tale like. It was kinda.. love story like… It was pretty disturbing. I dunno, I guess the thing is, we often see movies where the lead character victimizes women yet is painted in a sympathetic light. Can you think of a movie that does this with a female character victimizing a male?