Thursday, November 23, 2006

Henry Darger

I bought "In the Realms of the Unreal" recently. Ever since I have been very interested in purchasing some of Henry Darger's work. It conjures some many familiar emotions in me. It reminds me of how I saw scenarios and enviroment when I was a child.

I was browsing around a few websites that were advertising sales of his work. I feel sad though. Sad that his novel is dispersed all over the place and not together in a museum. I have been searching for a novel. I figured someone in the last 25 years must have published his graphic novel! Yet I have been unable to find any such book. I have managed to find out where most Darger's work lies. Apparently a Mr. Andrew Edlin is privileged to be the exclusive representative of Darger's estate. He's having the first public viewing in his gallery next week in New York. Too bad I'm planning a trip to New York.

I have requested some pricing on a few works, although I don't know how I feel about purchasing one for the simple reason that I feel all the pictures should be kept intact; as a whole. Too late for that I suppose. When I receive pricing I will be sure to let interested parties know how much these priceless depictions are selling for.

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