Monday, February 19, 2007

Lately, I'm just plain sad.

Time passes at a rate I cannot understand. Either it becomes a slow crawl in which I loose all ambition and succumb to feelings of isolated stagnation or I am bustled along so quickly that I trip over everything that is thrown at me.

Lately I've been reading the blogs of old friends, people I use to know, people whose friendship meant something to me. These are also people that currently live all over the world and whom I never speak to. Some people remain dedicated bloggers and for this reason I can sort of keep up with their life even though no words pass between us. Others are more aloof and their personas are only a vague memory of who they were when we last spoke. It's sad to think that I may not see them grow or change. I fear the day that I may see a once dear friend and not recognize her/him. Is that a normal fear to have? Maybe its just silly. No one will ever remain friends with everyone they meet forever. Peoples lives take them all over the place. Circumstances occupy them and friends I'm beginning to believe, depend on circumstance.

Still its a sad thing to realise you've lost someone. Half the time I don't even know how I manage to lose people. Maybe they lose me. Whatever the case may be, I'm very sad that I can no longer speak with people who were once good friends.

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