Monday, February 12, 2007

Films. Whats your favourite?

Lately I've been overly interested in screenplays. It's mostly due to my complete love and fascination for Woody Allen and Wes Anderson films. As a result of this interest I have been toying with make-shift scripts and reading essays about films and directors. It almost made me want to go to film school. Almost being the key word, since I really haven't made up my mind about post secondary education, only because as Canadians I don't think we look at education the right away. We deffinently do not approach it the right way. A rant for another time.

The first Woody Allen movie I ever saw was probably "Hollywood Ending" on cable tv. I didn't really know who he was or that he was a writer and director. I didn't actually fall in love with Allen films until I saw "Husbands and Wives" a few years back when I met a 30 year old man named Jamie.

Jamie was a musician who told me that "You can't like the Stones and the Beatles, so I'm a complete contradiction" and I agree as I could never decide either and didn't see why I would have to. Jamie had an apartment that was like being on Woody Allen set. It tidy but very cluttered and lived in.Lots of interesting things on the walls and funny old collectables. Anyway, he was a huge Allen fan and we saw a number of allen films together. Husbands and Wives was the first I remember and remains today as my very favourite. I think a next close runner up is Deconstructing Harry. It's really hard to say. I like every one of his movies for different reasons and in different ways. I suppose I could easily write a book explaining why I like each film... but that would be really really lame.

Being a big fan of Wes Anderson films, I don't think 2008 can get here fast enough. I'm anticipating the release which he is currently filming "The Darjeeling Limited" with man of the same characters used in the last few films. It looks great. Rushmore and the Tennanbaums are among my favorite movies of all time.

For fun, whats everyones top ten favourite movies of all time.. in any order? How about Directors? Who's your favourite?

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