Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My Letter to Guitar World and Guitar Magazine :

I've been reading Guitar World, and Guitar Magazine since I was a teenager and something has always bothered me about them. So I decided to write them a letter about it in hope that they could make changes. Somehow I doubt that they are willing to change their mag after the 30 some-odd years they've been publishing. But a gal can try can't she? So here goes.

Dear Guitar World and Guitar Magazine,

I would like to take this opportunity to speak for the women everywhere who play a kick-ass guitar and rawk. With my sarcastic thank-yous, I would like to say : thank you for catering to an audience of awkward pimply male teenagers for the last 30 years and telling them with every guitar-girl centerfold that "yes", if they become a rock star, they too can earn the right to treat women like guitar stands.

Thank-you for continually objectifying the female body and reminding us girls that our place in the music world is to be naked, vacuous, blonde, under-weight and merely holding the guitar in an upright position and never, never with our hand in chord formation on the strings. Yes thank you for letting me know through my entire awkward teens that my efforts in learning to be a better guitarist were all in vain. I had and continue to see the truth in your magazine- that my place is not to rawk on stage, play chilling solos, plugged into a 120 watt amp through 2 impeccable 4 X 12 cabinets, but to place a guitar between my legs in an effort to shield my nakedness as men take pictures and ogle me.

Even though I have so much to thank you for, I know the ultimate thank-you is this:

Thank you for reminding me, that women can't play guitar.


One Pissed Off SG playing, mother of a guitar goddess.

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