Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The War of Heaven

You may as well call me an athiest. I don't claim to be part of any religion and I don't have any spiritual set of beliefs. Yet I have a confession to make, I absolutely love reading the War of Heaven. I love reading about the angels. See when I went to church as a child, we didn't get to hear about the angels. We mostly just heard about Jesus. Everynow and then one of the archangels (usually Michael) comes down to Earth to deliver a message but thats about it. See the selling point for me as a child would have been to learn about the angels. But we didnt get those stories. We got stories about how you shouldn't have sex before your married and do onto others.. the holy ghost.. blah blah, and jesus healed the leapers. I half wondered if they left out all the stuff about Heirarchy of Angels because they thought people wouldn't believe in it... cause um.. devine beings and all you know.. yet somehow it was easy to believe that Moses parted the red sea and that Jesus walked on water. So why didn't we get to learn about the angels?

I really love getting into the stories from not only the bible, but the Quran, and judaism. The stories are really similar with specific diferences. Everytime I read about Lucifers fall from heaven I keep half feeling sorry for Lucifer. I mean he's sapose to be the embodiment of evil and all that but the few reasons for his rebellion against God aren't actually all that unreasonable. It also couldn't have been that unpopular of an idea since 1 third of the choir of angels saw his way of things.

Anyway, taken like a story and not you know..reality, it's a terribly interesting subject.

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natenine said...

In church you hear less about angels because the central message of the gospel is how to have spiritual freedom, and this is by Jesus Christ, not by an angel. Can you understand?