Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Avril Lavigne in the Globe!

This article from the Globe and Mail actually made me laugh quite a bit. It's about Avril Lavigne's latest album... read it, you'll laugh.

I saw her on SNL last week and it was so pathetic. I mean, could she look anymore "happy" to be on the show? She looked like she was gonna go to sleep. Poor avril, up past her bedtime.. okay so she's 22, she's a whole year younger than me... you know what I did last night? I stayed up getting wasted at a bar till last call. I didn't get married and record myself singing to a bunch of songs that other people wrote.. God, would you even pay for those songs? That record probably cost her label about a quarter million, just for the songs then you got records costs, reporduction.. blah blah blah. so much waste.

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