Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Streets Are More Inviting : conclusion.

I'd like share with you the frightening conclusion of the chapter "the streets are more inviting" :

"WHAT?! Marcus, you have to give someone a deposit on an apartment if you expect them to hold it for you for two months!" I yell. The man is fucking forty years old. How the hell did he make it to 40 not living in a box?

"Things don't work like that with me. People trust me Amy. I have a way with people- when they shake my hand they know I'm giving them my word."

I'm dumb founded and unsure of what to say next. "So what are we going to do?" I ask.

" Well Jenny and I are going to find another apartment. But see Amy, things like this don't happen to Jenny and I. We always have good luck in life because we exude our positive energy. As it flows out into the world it comes back to us so that we don't experience misfortune, " He's going into one of his tangents again. "But you Amy, have negative energy. Your aura is dark and by being around you, has caused us to absorbed your negative energy. Now we have your bad luck. Losing the apartment was because of your negative energy." I snicker at this point cause it's so typical that he would say something so ludicus. Jenny sits by, complacent and seemingly unaffected by this accusation towards me, the supposed best friend.

Marcus continues ignoring the fact that I'm not buying his position. " So Amy, we've decided that we cannot continue to live with you. You got here and everything changed.. and not for the better. So we want you out. Right now. We won't be able to find a place to live if you don't leave."

It is at this point that I turn to Jenny. I'm through speaking to Marcus who is incapable of reason. "Jenny, what the fuck!" I shout. "Are you seriously suggesting that I just get out!?"

"well you can stay tonight but you gotta leave" Marcus looks angry that Jenny says this.

"Oh fuck you!" I say. " Fuck the both of you and your fucking high and mighty attitudes, you fucking pothead flakes!" I grab the mickey of sourpuss that I had been sipping on during this confrontation and I chug half of it. I point at them both and shout again "you fucking assholes. I have nowhere to go and you know that. I can't believe you would invite me here and then just fucking toss me out in the cold. Fuck you I'm not staying so you can beat up on me for the remainder of the evening. I'm leaving now." I run, I grab what I can and, "I'll be back tomorrow morning to get my shit. If you so much as touch anything I'll fucking call the cops." And I run out the door with my accoutic guitar and a backpack full of cds and a pair of undies.

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