Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Death to the DMV.

This is the only press that the late Death March Volunteers ever got. (we were only together for about a year)We're only mentioned a little bit.


Sleeping Pilot @ Babylon
september-2006 - #1

On a sweltering Friday night, I had to book it after band practice to try and catch this whole bill, and was it ever worth it. Taking the stage a little late, Death March Volunteers -namely Justin Gobeil (who did double duty this night with the headlining Sleeping Pilot), René LeClair, Scott Terry and the debuting Amy Brander- played a solid set -it was their debut performance- of alternating tempo rock. At times haunting, with dual guitars set in contrast -Amy played a hefty tremolo, while Justin provided a solid wall of fuzz and solos to fill in the space- matched up with René's always solid bass licks and Scott's steady beat. About 5 songs still clocked in at 35 minutes, with not a boring moment.
Following quickly after, the Jesus Mullet provided a damn fine stoner set. These talented guys ultimately make their home in low end of the sonic spectrum and always manage to impress with their abundant skill and great guitar tones. "The Mullet" have been a welcome addition to the Ottawa scene since they relocated here in 2004.
The last set of the night came from Sleeping Pilot (see photo). Always brimming with energy, aggression and determination to put on a stellar show, with a singer that I've been told, "would rip off his own arm and smack the crowd with it if he could", Pilot's style melds hardcore with rock, and the pace is always blistering and furious. Between Alex's flying dreads, Justin's constant gesticulation, Pat's relentless drumming style and Scott's vocal craziness, it's almost impossible to concentrate on the tunes, which are flawless nonetheless.
All around a good night, with solid, entertaining performances from all acts, new and veteran. jp.

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