Friday, June 1, 2007

Oh Vodka

Well, I'm done argueing about racism. Especially since I was basically told I can't have an opinion.

Anyway, I haven't got much whine about today. It's actually fairly pleasant today, I mean it is friday! I'm looking forward to opening a big bottle of vodka tonight. I'm back on my "no-beer" diet. So if I wanna drink, I gotta drink vodka which is basically 100 calories an ounce and none of that carb stuff. Oh tbw, I've heard people going on about how there is no calories in vodka and other hard liqours and they are full of shit. Of course there are calories in them, it's what you mix that counts tho. You go vodka tonic and you got double that cal!! (i don't like tonic anyway, I'm a club soda girl) You know one or two beers isn't the issue for me. I can still happily have one or two. It's just that I'm use to having between 6 and 12 on any given night, whether I'm out or in. So as to keep myself from loosing control of my thighs and stomach, I've decided to try and skim down on the amount of beer I intake, cause lets just face it, beer is full of cal and carbs. As much as I love it, it is responsible for my weight gain over the last year.

I was searching the net to see if I could find any health benefits from drinking vodka.. none.. figures. Besides any amount I would consume would more likely diminish the life of my liver than benefit me in any way.

I did however find wikipedia's definition of a hangover!

A hangover (veisalgia) describes the sum of unpleasant physiological effects following heavy consumption of alcoholic beverages. The most common reported characteristics of a hangover are headache, nausea, lethargy, sensitivity to light and noise, and thirst.

Hypoglycemia, dehydration, Acetaldehyde intoxication, and vitamin B12 deficiency are all theorized causes of hangover symptoms. Hangovers usually last 12 to 36 hours,[1] although some have been reported to last 48 to 72 hours after alcohol was last consumed.

This probably explains why I'm B12 anemic. I never knew this.. hmm. I'm having a revelation. (because I've been B12 anemic for the last 4 years I have to take high doses of B12 everyday. Thankfully not by needle. I'm taking 1000mcg everyday which is considerably high but doesn't mean I'm in a life-threatening state of course. I'm just always freaking tired)

Wikipedia also has "possible remedies" to hangovers. One is replintishing B6. It also advises against taking acetaminophen while your drunk... which I do all the time and now realise why I shouldn't. I mean poeple always tell me not to, but people tell me not to do a lot of things and I mean "who cares right?". But after learning why, I dont think I'll do that anymore. Actually reading up on the whole "drinking" thing kinda makes you not wanna do it anymore. But dealing with life sober everyday does not sound like an option to me...


Missy A said...

Do not ever under any circumstances drink vodka and milk even for a dare..unless you want too see it twice

Cammy said...

ewe... maybe if there was kaluha involved but ewe..