Monday, June 4, 2007

New band = New guitar

Hi Everyone!!!

So I have to gloat about an awesome jam yesterday with Jordanna! I'm so happy to be creating music that flows so well. Everything just went together so easily! We've got all these bitchin vocal ideas! I can't wait! We still gotta find a drummer and bassist, but that shouldn't be too hard.

Now I think I need to buy a new guitar to celebrate. So my choices? Uh I think I might just go with an SG. But I also have a half a mind to get a big hollowbody Gretch. The Gibson Vegas is pretty damn nice too! The SG Special would make me cream my pants if I were a boy tho. I have always wanted a white SG. Last year they had one called "The Goddess" but it had gold hardware and I despise gold hardware!! This new SG Special is beautiful and has chrome hardware. I should call up and dealer and get a quote.
That's the one up above! Nice eh!?

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