Tuesday, June 19, 2007

This Weird Room in the Rideau Center....

Hi! Long time no speak! Back on the Internet and back to ranting.. so weirdest thing yesterday... I'm walking through the rideau centre to pick up my flyer's for the show when I notice this make-shift room in the center of the foyer. It says "relaxation room" on it and has a women getting a message. The sign says "come join us for a relaxing message and learn about non-oral contraception" (well I don't think it said non-oral but it said something to the effect of choices beyond the pill)

So anyway, I'm thinking... "this is kinda odd". However, it is kinda cool to see people trying to openly talk about contraceptives in busy public area. The thing I did notice quickly was that it was completely aim at women.... you know cause it's the ladies responsibility to protect against pregnancy and stds.. men don't even have stds don't ya know!? right..

I tried to remember what website was written on the side but my memory fails me. I figure this was probably sponsored by a drug company. damn I really wish I could remember the website. At any rate, so they're trying to promote some other type of contraceptives. I'm gonna guess it's probably the nuva ring. For those of you who don't know, it's fucking awesome. Completely no fuss birth control. you insert the ring you forget about it for 3 week. Then you throw it out. It's just a silicon ring that's flexible so you can't feel it and it releases a steady stream of hormones into your system. It's more effective than the pill since there is less room for human error and miss-use. Because it delivers a steady stream of hormones and not one shot a day in pill form, there is less tendency to have mood swings. (I am terribly on the pill, it throws my highs and lows way out of wack) As with all hormone contraceptive, you will experience changes in mood but it's not nearly as extreme.

Anywho, I gotta check out this weird room thing in the mall and find out what its really about. Hopefully it's nothing I have to tear down.

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