Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Today's Laugh : "Poor White Men"


This is so typical I had to post it. The author, like so many "poor white men" (and I mean poor as in "oh you poor mistreated little boy" not as in someone impoverished) believes that feminism emasculates men. and why not since, feminism is the reason for so much divorce. This particular author paints a picture of the dominant feminist woman (who apparently is every women in Western society according to this guy) He claims that men are tossed to the curb for being unable to "perform".

if a man is not up to sexual standards, he is given the divorce papers, falsely accused of emotional and physical violence, placed under strain physically and mentally to the point of being mentally hacked to death or sent to a psychiatric institution.

Apparently someone has never heard of Viagra... I'm sorry but what does "unable to perform" mean exactly. Erectile disfunction? or just "hey baby I'm not in the mood?"

Apparently western women are sex hungry, controlling fiends who laugh and mock their husbands/significant others if they can't maintain an errection. And guess what folks, apparently this happens all the time!! Many men suffer silently under the iron fist of the almightly wanting vagina! Did you know that Western women now run the entire western society and how men all over North America cry at night because they are so oppressed....
A woman, at times, prefers a man who performs sexually but does not perform ‘other husbandly duties’ of work, paying taxes...

awe is someone scared of female sexuality?? But you know it's all feminisms fault :

It does not help that feminism, which is a western imperialist concept, which denies the family in favour of the individuality of the woman to do whatever she wants.

#1 most typical complaint right there... feminism is responisble for the break down of the family unit... So big myth #1. Since the people who believe this say that the solution is that all women be locked into matramony for their lives regardless of how their husband treats them, or how they ended up with husband. If only the men folk could control us raging selfish bitches! (oh typical characterizing of feminist and most women by MRA activists, is that us women are just so selfish)

You know the rest of the article is really hard to stomach because he's serious, but you can read it and laugh because it's so ridiculous.

At least feminism has an antidote.

This antidote is called womanism and is in Iran. Stephania Harris has also espoused womanism in her blog. Womanism is the right of the woman to be herself but also to respect the family and the husband. It does not necessarily mean servitude for the woman. It means empowerment for the woman, her family, while ensuring domestic tranquility in the family. It is also based in spiritual concepts found in all of the world’s major religions, such as Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism.

While this does not excuse the fact that men have to attempt to perform their duties as a husband including the sexual component, it should be remembered that married couples do not need the strains or pressures of “do this” when things can be achieved through peaceful means.

*sigh* because the middle east has been so good at empowering women.....

At least one of the commenters isn't a complete retard. She said this:
surely the solution to inequality in relationships like this is equality, not re-oppressing women. Sexual inequality negatively effects both women and men, so see-sawing back and forth between two extremes will never make everyone happy. If people were all seen as equal, regardless of gender and whatever ludicrous expectations go with that, then we wouldn't have this problem. People would be seen for who they are rather than what they are 'supposed' to be. It's obvious we haven't reached that kind of a society yet, but that doesn't mean we should stop striving for it, and it certainly doesn't mean that we should go backwards into this 'womanism'. That concept is in blatant opposition with the ideals of equality for ALL. Women can respect themselves and respect their husbands and family, but only if men agree to do so too. Equal rights means equal expectations on both sexes.

Anyway I got a bit of a chuckle out of the article. Very typical. The whole womanism deserves an entirely seperate post tho... god.

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