Monday, October 29, 2007

OH TV....

I'm not one of those people who self-righteously proclaim to hate and never watch tv. I'm not one of those. I actually watch a little too much screen than I should. That being probably two hours a day in the evening when my mind is too tired to actually think. However, I'm always stuck watching the same series over and over again. Seinfeld, the Family Guy, the Simpsons, Star Trek, Robot Chicken and one of the best sitcoms to come out in the last five years, Arrested Development which has sadly seen it's demise with last year. All my favorite things get cancilled. I count myself lucky that Robot Chicken is still running... I haven't seen a new episode of Aqua Teen in at least a year. I, like so many others, have taken to buying my favorite series on DVD for fear they will one day fall out of syndication. But beyond these few tv shows, the 700 and some odd channels on my digital cable box has little to offer and I'm wondering, why the hell do I have cable? Honestly I think I'd be happier owning all the seinfeld seasons and some kids in the hall than flicking endlessly until I find something worth watching. Not only that but while flicking I become horribly depressed by the commercials and various programs. Flicking through the womens television stations has to be the worst. These channels are for women yet they prodominately air reality shows about plastic surgery, cleaning you house, brides and how to dress. Then they throw in a Meg Ryan movies, or a made for tv movie adaptation of Daniel Steel novels. Are we sapose to be so vacuous? Then the commercials are beauty products, weight loss commercials... before you know it, your self esteem has just taken the beating of it's life and your wondering why you feel so shitty today.

Can we have a womens channel that actually caters to women without catering to the "every women wants to get married, clean her house and look good for her man" becuase I've yet to see it.

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