Wednesday, October 24, 2007

MRA spins: women and their lenient sentencing...

I think this is a good example of the type of article that MRA's use to support their hatred of women. I think it's important to draw attention to this article and the fact that it was linked on Dr Helen's blog because time will tell whether or not they will be able to use this as cannon fodder. You see Men Rights groups and supporters love to draw attention to female on male violence and then cry about how women receive lenient sentences because of the fact that they are women. The funny thing is that the articles trickle away and become ancient history very quickly if said female prep does receive a sentence that is just. It's the ones they rave about, like the famous Winkler case, where the female perp gets a "lenient" sentence that they actually remember. Those cases are few and far between. Also the most interesting issue is that the MRA's fail to include important details of self-defense, mental issues or other important factors. These important factors are called out as out-right lies by the MRA's and supporters because we all know that all women are evil and trying to destroy the defenseless men of the earth, or sorry, north america... because MRA's rarely care about the men of impoverished countries. There's one vital piece missing from MRA sites, the fact that they are only concerned about whats happening in North AMerica, UK, etc but not third world countries, or countries fraught with war.

I think it's important also to note that feminist don't profess that every woman is pure, just and honest, but that we do understand the difference between self-defense and murder. Something the MRA's of course blurr.

I'm interested to see how this case develops, whether or not it develops to the liking of the MRA, and what spin they can put on it. We'll see if this one becomes ancient history.

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