Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Buy Me New Boobs?! What?!

I can't decide whether to laugh or cry...

None of the money, says Moore, has gone to any of the founders. "We're donors just like the other male members," he says. "We work full-time jobs and do this as a public service."

Try wrapping your head around this... you post your picture on a website and if the men folk like what they see, they can donate money to making you look more like what they want to see... a barbie doll!! This is the female body being objectified at it's best. I'm not sure who to feel sorry for in this circumstance. The poorly raised men who think this website is okay, and see nothing wrong with it telling women (who already must be suffering some kind of dysmorphia) that they need to augment their body to be desirable and also look the way men want them to..., or the women who are on there trying to raise money for their new jugs... Female objectification aside, whats the deal with this trend of making plastic cosmetic surgery a household name and worse, a house hold "DO" ? Breast enhancement, among other things, have become so acceptable in our culture that they rack (hehe pun totally intended) attention from every media source and are now advertised on radio stations, tv stations, magazines, you name it , it's there.

I think Dr. Weiner said it best in this article and thank god someone did :
"This Web site is a bad idea because anything that trivializes plastic surgery is dangerous," Wiener says. "Plastic surgery is a serious decision that should never be made light of. MyFreeImplants.com turns serious plastic surgery into a contest, which is something I find appalling and frightening."

You don't want to hear the testimonials for this site. This site is half a porn site and the girls pass it off as if it's MSN messenger! They interact with their donars over the net and have admitted to them being "raunchy". Oh and then one of the girls tried to compare her C section to surgery for breast implants... One of those surgeries is a necessary to remove a human life from another human being, and the other is necessary to to put a foreign object into chest to make it more appealing to the disturbed men-folk of the world and possibly your dis morphia ridden mind. Hmmm can you compare those? I don't think so.

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Sieanne said...

My name is Sieanne, and I am a model on myfreeimplants.com. I have been on the site for over two years, and two months now. I can tell you the site REALLY does work! The Benefactors who go to the site are Men and Women who have kind hearts, and really care about others. (Women too, NOT JUST MEN)

They do not go there for Porn in any way..."If I wanted to see porn, I would go to a Porn site" I have heard that a million times from my friends on myfreeimplants.com

The owners Jason and Jay are wonderful men...who saw a need, and came up with the means to full fill the need for their Friend Natasha..and then keep the site going to help others. It is a very Respectful site, and all who go there know that it is a Worthy cause site only. (Yes even a cause that is not for aids, cancer research or other disease can still be a WORTHY cause! And keep in mind that a lot of BREAST cancer survivors, and women who have botched breast surgeries come to Myfreeimplants for help...because they cant pay for the surgeries themselves!)

All the ladies go to Myfreeimplants.com to help us with our self esteem..and in most cases for (myself included) MEDICAL REASONS! WE all have done a lot of home work on this subject, and are fully committed to getting our larger bust size...we are not doing this for anyone else but ourselves.
We just have no means of full filling our pipe dream...there for this site is a GOD SENT to all who are on it.

The site is not a Porn site..even though some of the smaller minded individuals including some media/ and psychologists want to imply that... Yes granted we are in some cases sending pictures to our Benefactors as thank you's..and chatting with them on live chat. BUT we are not doing anything pornographic, or whoring ourselves in any WAY! WE are not giving out email addresses, im addresses, doing cam show's, giving out phone numbers, or anything ELSE! If a model try's to do that, she will be DELETED from the site immediately! AGAIN this is not a FREE PORN,or Paid PORN site in any way! So to those who think this is just another CAM SITE your 100% wrong! To those who are so closed minded, and judgmental I dare you to go there and get your own account! See for yourselves..and don't let others sway your opinion or thoughts. OUT of the 40,000 benefactors on the site..there are only 2% who are dirty, and there for free porn...but quickly get bored, and leave the site. BELIEVE ME I am a original MFI girl..I have been there from the beginning of the site..and I have seen it all!

If a model choses to send Nude pictures of her self to a friend..then its her choice. The site did not start on NUDE pictures, and the owners do not tell you to do NUDE's..that is never implied in any part of the SITE! Nudity, or pornography is not the purpose of Myfreeimplants.com. I can name SEVERAL of the ladies who met their goals with out even doing Partial nude, or any pornographic photo's or videos. Two of them are very good friends of mine...Angel, and Morgan! (that is just two of the Many who did this without doing any thing degrading!)

I for one do give Classy Artistic nude pictures (but my friends don't ask for them..I like to give them to them as thank you's..and it is completely up to me what I do, or don't do! I am not dating, or hooking up with anyone that site!), I am a strong CHRISTIAN woman, who was a ex runway, and fashion print model and I don't feel ashamed by doing so...Just look at your National Geographic, or next time you visit you favorite museum, or go to the grocery store..you will SEE NUDITY all around you. If that is porn then even you are taking part...because you admire a Super model in a magazine, or you admire a sculpture, painting, or drawing...are you doing anything wrong by admiring it? Your paying to buy the magazine, or to get admittion to the museum....Also for those of you who go to a NUDE beach for vacation, or a nude cruise line...are you taking part in Pornography?! I think not...the human body is a BEAUTIFUL thing..and no one should feel dirty when they are nude. Now if they were having sex for money..that is a whole other subject..but just taking classy nude pictures..and feeling beautiful about her body is not a BAD thing at all...nor is it BAD to take the help of someone kind, and get he money needed for your enhancement, self esteem, health, and even to help you in a new career of modeling, tv, or movies (non pornographic of course)

Myfreeimplants.com is Legit..and does WORK! No one on there has to do anything NUDE, and we are told not to do anything PORNOGRAPHIC! In fact the site we get the codes to post our video's to our friends, will also not allow us to post any porno..and that is the only site that myfreeimplants approves of...again this is not a PORN SITE! Just because the owners have advertised the site all over, in all forums...even play boy, and Erotica does not mean the SITE itself, nor the MEMBERS are doing any PORN!

We are told as a model to post Clothed pictures of yourself..and send thank you pictures (Clothed) to your friends, when they send you donations, or messages. You just spend most of your time chatting with them about their day..and being a friend to talk to...someone who is non judgmental..and there to pray for them!

I have made some of the BEST friendships with my friends on myfreeimplants.com...friendships that I have had for over two years now..and I am so thankful that God has brought those people in my life. I am deadly ill..and need the help from my friends on Myfreeimplants.com.

So please before you are quick to judge...go do your homework..and the only way to do that is JOIN the site..and be there for 6 months, and talk to the other LADIES, the Male and Female benefactors, and the owners of the site.... Then you can reach your fair opinion.