Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Back From Vacation !

Back from vacation! The details are not important to this site but can be read about on my livejournal. So it's back to some serious blogging... I've missed so much. Part of being on vacation for me, is not touching my computer. It's wonderful to get away from cyber land for a while. I've done some catching up in the world of feminist blogging as well as the world of new in general. I even stopped by Dr. I wish I had a cock Helen, I mean Dr. Helen's blog to see what none sense she was getting up to while I was away. As a treat I've included my favorite quote from last weeks series of entries :

"The book opens with essential gear that girls need: the list includes among other things, a swiss army knife described as a key tool for survival, a bandana to keep your head cool, rope and twine to help learn about knots, a journal, a hair band--great advice for girls with long hair"

Wow! wonderful observation Helen! It's plain to see how she was able to make it as a forensic psychologist with these kind of keen observations! wow. natural instinct there... for stating the obvious. Still best quote over the past week.

Anyway, I guess my one regret of being away from the blogosphere is simply that I missed out on all the Laura Sessions Stepp bashing.

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