Thursday, May 31, 2007

White Privilege Excuses Racism Towards White People? Are you serious?

So further to my post yesterday, I was on feministing kinda following up. Basically, every time I tried to imply or outright say that racist comments were made about white people and just downright offensiev comments, I kept getting people throwing White Privilege in my face as if it dismisses their harsh remarks.

So anyway, I'll link this new post that was apparently created to spark more constructive debate, but basically people are just saying the same thing to me as before. I'm saying it's wrong to say racists things to white people and they're saying "white privilege" and simply dismissing the horrible things that had been said and that I have every right to feel outraged by them.

In a round about way they are basically tell me that because white people aren't confronted with racism direct at them on a regular basis, that it doesn't matter when it actually does happen. Can I call bullshit right now? Cause I am.

Furthermore, the article was all over the place anyway, and I'm sure author Samhita didn't mean to offend people. She admitted to being a bit of a hater which I think is an understatement, but whatev. The thing is she's bouncing around talking about cultural appropriation and disgentrification. Although related, uh well they also take place independant of one another so the debates sparked were all over the map.

Also, after speaking with a friend about this whole thread, I realised that maybe the US is just really unrelatable to Canada in terms of the black/white racial tension. I've never lived in the United States but my family has and they've told me some fucked up shit about the racial tension in Milwaukee high schools. But I have no personal experiences to relate to in the US.

Sigh, I think I feel a bit better after blogging about this thread. I can't really organize my thoughts so well since my thoughts travel too fast but I think I got some of my arguement/problem down here. The more annoying part is that I bluntly told them that I thought they were using "white privilege" to dismiss my complaint and they basically ignored what I said and kept saying that I don't know anything about white privilege! Cause apparently in their opinion if I was more "informed" about white privilege, I wouldn't be complaining about racist remarks directed at white people... right.. that must be it. I must be ignorant. Racism is racism people.

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