Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Dogs Dogs Dogs

OKAY! Time for my obsessive dog/puppy post!! I'm so excited to get my Jack Russel back. I know she's gonna like living here in Ottawa a block from the big dog park!
I'm currently working on convincing Justin to let me get another dog. I know i know, I should be happy being able to have the one dog. But honestly, I'd rather have two. So I can't help but check out the Humane Society page to see if their are any urban friendly dogs. The problem with the Humane Society is that they don't seem to like adopting dogs to people as young as me. But I'm persistent. However, lately they'e only had dogs that they recommend for people with fenced in back yards. I still really want to get a Grey Hound.

I was looking into other breeds, you know researching. A friend of mine has a Puggle. So cute. But all those cross-breeds kinda make me nervous. Crossbreeding tends to be accompanied by health problems. I think I want my second dog to be a rather large one. Medium to large. So what are my favorite breeds of dog? Well besides Greyhound.

Boxers, Pugs, English Bulldogs, Bloodhounds, Vizsla, Pharoh Hounds (impossible to find around here),

I'm a big fan of pointers as well.

So I was reading about Jack Russell's on Wikipedia. It hit me that Terri has never been a typical terrier from what I can remember.(I haven't seen her in 2 years) She's of course energetic but not very vocal like a lot of terriers. She's lived with cats so she tends to ignore them. She likes to chase birds and smaller animal occassionally, but not to a point where she won't listen if you call her. She did have quite the Napoleon complex for a few years and would be agressive with bigger dogs, but over years of staying at kennels through vacations, she's pretty easy going with other dogs. Although, she likes to play with dogs her own size. Terri's big problem is that she was never crate trained. So she's aggressive if smeone closes the door to her kennel while she's in there. However, crating isn't something we'll need to do with terri since we don't drive and terri prefers to travel in cars with her head out the window anyway.

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