Monday, July 16, 2007

"Girls, A friendly chat won't cheer you up"

AHAHAHAHA Read this article. Apparently we should stop the young women of the world from talking to eachother on the phone because it increases depression.

"This is an interesting study. It is natural for adolescents, especially girls, to turn to their friends for advice and support,” she said. “But just because someone has good friends, it does not mean they will necessarily receive the proper support. If a problem is being dwelt upon excessively or to the exclusion of all other topics, it may be appropriate for adults to step in and try to help.”

How do you think that will strengthen the mother-daughter relationship?

The picture is really laughable too. She's twirling her hair and wearing pink! oh yeay! and on a cellphone. Seriously, I really hate parents who give their teens cellphones...

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