Monday, July 30, 2007

More Egypt....

Predynastic Egypt (5,500 -3,100 BC) Certainly the most interesting to me because it holds a high level of mystery. As early as 5,500 BC there is evidence that the Egyptians had metal tools, and learned to domesticate livestock.

I love all the mystery. Most of all, can't help but think how incredible the egyptians were because of how long they were an empire for. So if we mark the end of the egyptian empire with the Greco-Roman Period than that takes us approximately to 395AD. If we begin with the end of the Predynastic period, (approx. 3100 BC) then they were around for approximately, 3500 years.

Thats pretty insane.. Anyway, I have always found it incredible to try and imagine that number or years.

If i could go to school to be an egyptologist I think I would come in my pants everyday that i woke up to go to school.

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