Monday, September 10, 2007

Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

More demonizing. I'm sick of reading stuff like this but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be going away any time soon. But it's stuff like this that really piss me off:

For decades women have been struggling with the application of feminist theory to daily life. Does it mean all women should be in the workplace?

see! see what I'm talking about here?! This shit pisses me off. I love it when people think they know the ideals of feminism and they clearly don't. It's just ridiculous when they suggest that feminism is so extreme as to demand that all women be in the workplace.

The entire article makes me sad that a women wrote this, she obviously is no feminist.

I think it would be sad if "choice" simply meant women had an excuse to opt out of the workplace because it wasn’t friendly to them or because their husbands wouldn’t help with the housework. It would be equally disappointing to think that women were forced into the workplace if they wanted to be home with their children (though that’s life for most low-income families). On the other hand, men don’t get to hide behind making a choice, nor do very many of them have the opportunity to stay home with their children — so why should we?

So, it's another damned if you do and damned if you don't. So women who stay at home with their kids are critisized for "opting out of the workplace" oh yeah, lets not forget that apparently staying at home with your kids is an "excuse to not work". Mothers of the world! HOW FUCKING INSULTING IS THAT?!

And you know that men don't get to hide behind this choice... Look what she's implying? It's just awful. So the general population is demanding that women stay home with their kids and drop their careers. (you know that old, you can't have a career and kids silly woman") and Georgie here thinks that your just making an excuse to not work cause you can't handle the preassures of an unfriendly workplace.

I'm sorry but let me just say this : YOU STUPID CUNT! Way to show appreciation for the women fighting for your right to CHOOSE how you live your life. YOu can contact Georgie and tell her what a stupid fuck she is through the article. There's a link by her biography.


Sabina England, Playwright said...

what a dumb backward bitch. she's the kind of female who looks hard in the mirror for 2 hours everyday, fixing her hair and make-up so she can please men around her. She needs to get strangled hard by an angry bored housewife.

Cammy said...

She needs a good SOMETHING that's for sure!!!