Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Wedding Worries!

So I'm getting married next summer and have just decided to take a look at the world of wedding dresses. My first thought is, I'm totally frightened! MY god, there are so many dresses yet they all look similar. How the hell do I choose one?! So anyway, I picked up a bridal mag and realised there is tons of shit I have to figure out besides the dress. I need shoes, and jewelry apparently. Also, I'm sapose to get a special gift for all the girls in the wedding, but that part I think I've figured out! Then I apparently need something that goes around my thigh... what are those called again? I already forget. I also need a vail except some people wear tiara's... (i don't think I'm gonna wear anything princess-like) Then there's that "something borrowed, something blue" I'm hoping to god my mother can help me out. I know my soon to be mother in law will. She says she's an expert with weddings.

So fashion is not my forte. I suck at it. Not only that, I'm basically colourblind.

Then there's the super bridezilla! I'm totally not like that. In fact I want this to be as painless and fun as possible! Any tips from your married folks? I'd appreciate it!


Sunshine Morningstar said...

My tip is, forget all the bridal magazines and especially forget the 'bridal' sections of stores. Things that are specifically for weddings cost much more money than regular old things, even if they are the same. For instance, if you wanted, say, white strings of beads for a decoration of some sort, you could find them a lot cheaper at a fabric store than in a wedding party/planner whatever store.

I blogged about my non traditional wedding here:


But if you want a traditional wedding I'm sure there are things you can do to make it inexpensive and unique in your own way. And, if cost isn't a worry for you, then there are probably hundreds of things you can do to make the day your own and unlike any other.

Sunshine Morningstar said...


looks like the whole address there didn't show up

Cammy said...

Thanks for the addy!! I've totally tossed the "traditional" wedding thing out the window! I just wanna have fun.. not all these damn rules!