Monday, September 24, 2007

In the face of much bridal confusion, I've got that dress thing covered!

So I've got that dress thing covered. Wait, I suppose I should first explain why I'm writing about my wedding and the planning of it on a feminist blog.. I think it's important to represent myself and other ladies. I'm a feminist and I'm getting married. It's important to me to explain that my marriage to my future husband is based on equality and not ownership... obviously! That I'm also no less an independent women because of a piece of paper. Our wedding is a chance to ultimately state to our friends and family that we're in love and in this for the long run and nothing more. Most certainly we'll have a ceremony devoid of "obey thy husband" bullshit. We're a modern couple and we want our wedding to represent us. That's why it's taking place a bar (not a church).

Back to the dress - I was unsure as to whether I should wear white. So I bought a cheap black dress, very elegant that I intended to wear at least to the reception. I almost decided to wear it to the ceremony, until Saturday when I tried on a white gown at Sherilyn's Bridal. I never looked so damn good in a dress. Now I'm typically a very modest dresser. Showing shoulders is almost too much for me. And the dresses in all the bridal shops we seen were just.... uh... ghastly? Well, trendy, girly and not me. But this dress was WOW! So I bought it. I really think this was a good move for a few reasons : a) I've never looked so good in an article of clothing before b) It will be easy to match flowers, BM dresses and grooms c) is an absolutely timeless dress that I can see holding onto as a family heirloom.

I'm not much for fashion but I have to say that theres something about European dresses that screams timeless. The many American dresses I tried on were trendy, super girly, ballerina-like, princess like and well, kinda gag-worthy. They had hideous trim, silly beading and half the time the beads appeared to glued on. The dress I got is elegant, with beautiful light embroidery. It's not at all princessey. In fact it has a very strong feminine look. I actually think it's quite bold. It isn't puffy at all! In fact its the opposite! If I were able to find a pic I'd post it. But I haven't been able to find the specific model. The designer is Alarz and the workmanship in this dress is so superior to the American dresses of comparable prices. I just love it. I can't wait. White satin and light embroidery. Lace-up back! Although like most dresses, i doubt I can dance in it. I do intend to wear it for a bit of the reception.

So no matter what goes wrong with the rest of the wedding, I know I got that dress thing covered!

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Sunshine Morningstar said...

I'm glad you found an awesome dress. If I hadn't chosen my black wedding dress, I had a white one in mind that was absolutely beautiful. I'm definitely holding onto my black dress though to give to any daughters or granddaughters. I don't know how timeless it is but it's very pretty nonetheless.