Friday, September 28, 2007

New Study Concludes Men Are Happier Than Women!

Men are happier than women, I wonder why? Well, apparently it's because all you women have too many responsibilities and, get this, CHOICES.

"Surprising, perhaps, given the increased opportunities and choices for women in the modern world."

I would have thought it was because of the wage gap, workplace harassment, having to work twice as hard in corporate settings and being stuck in staffing positions endlessly while your male co-workers are promoted.. but that's just what I've observed.. you know, by being a woman.

The author (who is commenting on the study) points to this comment listed on the ABC website.

Of course women are less happy than men-these so-called "choices" women have are not really choices at all. The problem is with the feminist movement stopping when women began regularly entering the workforce. Women have made strides in education and career, but have remained the sole caretaker of the family. America's "family values" thread is an underlying force that drives men and women to believe that women should still take the majority of household/childcare work upon themselves. American men are all to willing to let their working wives do most or all of the household chores and care for the children while they prioritize their careers and social time for themselves. This article is a clear, concise warning that the feminist movement needs to target the American family and the division of household labor between men and women.L.V., M.S. Labor Relations & Human Resources
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workmom71 1:01 PM

Not that I believe the feminist move has stopped, it hasn't. It's just been stuck. You can't say a movement doesn't exist just because it's been unable to undo all of the centuries of patriarchy instilled into the family unit. We're working on it.

But you know Mr Author has only this all too typical misogynistic response:

What an incredible sense of entitlement. Yep, essentially we need to change the entire world to make sure women are happy. (Much of which we've already done in order to make women happier and they end up less happy.)

Oh right.... you were just "letting" us work. We're just a bunch of whiny spoiled kids. How dare we demand so much... like the rightto divorce our husbands, the right to own property, the right to vote and gooooooooooooooooooooooooddddddd no, the right to work!? I'm sorry Mr. Man, I now realise the great lengths you've gone to, just to make us spoiled little women "happy". But I love the next paragraph from the "researcher":
Finally, the changes brought about through the women’s movement may have decreased women’s happiness.

No actually, the problem is that the women are still suffering under the fist of patriarchy, but sure, have it your way.. it was all the women's movements fault... right..

Then the author begins an attempt at being philosophical. Apparently if we have to ask ourselves if we're happy, then we're not. Oh and apparently hanging tobacco makes the author happy.

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