Friday, September 21, 2007

Dr. Helen and her opinion on women ruling the world..

Dr. Helen posted a response to Sally Field's Emmy acceptance speach. Sally stated that there wouldnt be any wars if the world was run by mothers...
Not exactly the best blanket statement to make, but what... Now Dr. Helen:

Sally Field and her ilk don’t really mean they want just any mom or woman to run the world, what she really meant when she talked about moms taking over is that leftist women should run the world.

What??! I didn't know that left-wingers were hoping to over throw patriarchy and instill a matriarchy!? hmmm how could I have been left out of such an enormous plan!?
Notice that the women who are always talking about how great and different things would be if women were in charge never mention real women leaders like Condi Rice or Margaret Thatcher because they are conservatives.

why yes! because they're conservatives... I'm sorry what's your point? oh sorry for interupting Helen, please do go on...

Unlike some leftist women who think that their sex puts them beyond the human traits of aggressiveness and violence, Rice and Thatcher understand that the realities of national security mean that negotiation and “making nice” with the schoolyard bully does not always work.

OH your absolutely right Helen, negotiation never solved anything and only conservative women know this...

And are these leftist women really the great humanitarians they imagine themselves to be? To answer that question, let’s turn to Allure magazine. In the latest issue, contributor Judith Newman (who is also a wonderful mom!), tries to do an interview with Britney Spears. Newman keeps getting snubbed by Spears so she writes an article about Britney not showing and contemplates what she would do if she ruled the world like Britney does. In a school girlish tone, Newman states:

What would I do if were 25, world famous, unimaginably wealthy, and no one could say no to me? Well, first, I’d sleep with Dick Cheney. (It’s my World. Welcome to it.) I don’t know what it is: the commanding voice, the crooked smile, the possibility that at any moment he might have a heart attack and I would save the lives of thousands…whatever it is , this would be my priority.My first thought as I read this passage was that Cheney is probably more man than this lady can handle and she might be the one having a heart attack, but that is another post for another day. My point in sharing this story is that if this “wonderful” mother were in charge, she sees nothing wrong with using passive-aggressive techniques such as having sex with the Vice President in the hopes of killing him. Isn’t using sex this way a bit—well, a lot—icky? And sadistic at the same time? Is this the type of person we want running the country? I hope not.

WHAT?! Why did she pick THIS quote to defend her weak and pointless arguement.. and why bother arguing this at all!?! god.I mean why bother attempting to argue that women would drive the world into oblivion when men are doing a fine job of that AS I TYPE!?
and this is where i just stop reading... it just tooo ridiculous. If you would like to read the rest of Dr. Helen's opinion piece on if women ruled the world and how she thinks women are dangerous, then you can read it here.

I would like to write a post about what the world would be like if Dr. Helen ruled it, but thats an entirely seperate post.. and I'll have to get over crying about all the obscenity and suffering first.

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