Thursday, May 24, 2007

I don't recycle and I ain't gonna:

I'm a horrible person. I bought bottled water! ack. A few weeks back I was reading this article in McLean's about how evil bottled water is and realising that I do buy quite a bit of bottled water. I've been working to correct this. Yet I keep forgetting to buy a freaking thermos!? Reason I always bought bottled water, was because it's so damn convenient. I need water for the ride into work so that I can drown my hang-over. You can't re-use the bottles from bottled water because they are nearly impossible to keep clean. With the level of E.coli in tap water these days, you really have to clean your drinking mug,thermos,bottle of water every day or else the E.coli builds builds up in it. Children have been getting sick in Canadian public schools from re-filling their plastic bottles day after day without properly cleaning them. Sick eh? Anyway, I've been trying to not buy bottled water at all and intend to get a proper water bottle. But today I am at fault for buying evil Evian water which I never realised, is actually pretty expensive. It also says that it has calcium in it?! WTF? I dunno, is the calcium there from the rusting pipes they pour this from?he-he.

At any rate although I know that I can't really make a dent in the bottled water market. (although I know David Suzuki can! ) I'm still going to continue to not buy bottle anything plastic bottles. Years ago I had cut down drastically on buying boxed items from the grocery store and I re-use all my plastic tubs of margarine. But really what are they gonna do? "oh no ! one less girl is buying bottled water! What will we do? Good thing we got all those ignorant fucks walking around buying elaborately packaged goods!"

There's a thing about me that people find funny. I'm for the conserve, conserve. I'm not for recycling. In fact I completely disagree with recycling anything that isn't tin cans and glass. (and I really don't care much for doing the glass cause it's pretty damn pointless too) Tin cans are really the only that's worth it to recycle. The thing is, plastic is damn harmful to the environment and (little can actually be done with fucking recycled plastic anyway) and its inexpensive and not in danger of drying up?! "let's save the plastic trees!" It actually costs us a hell of a lot more economically city for city, to recycle plastic. In fact our recycling programs are an enormous waste of money in my opinion. Not that I'm all caring about money, but I think public money could be better spent on the whole climate change problem everyone's crying about. Do you even know the amount of pollution involved in recycling plastic!? gawd! It's sick. Further more, I hate the defence line to justify recycling: "but it creates more jobs!" Oh wait, you mean those shitty high-turn-over, physical labour intensive, under paid jobs right? Why hell, I wish we could have more of those!

The reason I recycle cans is because it's not an enormous economic strain on the environment. Cans are actually worth something and they're fairly easy to recycle. Bing!:
"Recycle your cans. Tin and steel cans save a lot of energy if they are recycled. Reclaiming one ton of steel or tin saves 1.5 tons of ore. Tin recycling saves an estimated 2,600 kilowatt hours per ton. Steel recycling saves and average of 4,300 kilowatt hours per ton or 47% of the energy required to process steel from raw materials."

And here's a website that talks-up recycling aluminium cans:

Recycling paper is stupid to me as well. The reason we have any trees at all is because the companies that make paper, fucking plant the trees and yes they are gonna tear them down, but hey hey! they're going to plant more! They effectively rotate and replace the trees. Woohoo!

I know, I know. Your all thinking I'm a big jerk because I toss my paper out. I don't throw it in a blue bin (although sometimes my boyfriend does) But whatever happened to Reduce, Reuse and recycle? Why is it just all Recycle now?

Recycling to me, is basically the governments way of trying to make people feel less guilty for be wasteful jerks. Recycling has become a huge scam and economic strain and I'm just going to reduce, reuse and fudge the last one.


shoot_mystars said...

I am really bad for that too, and the sad thing is I'm all for the environment. I mean, I took a course on Global Warming, and I learned a lot. My Professor confessed that she does not always use her recycling bin either. There are so many more important factors that are contributing to the climate change. Anyways, I won't ramble over this about climate change.. I'm sure we'll end up yapping about it on the phone sometime. xo.

Missy A said...

of course you know Evian spelled backwards in naive

and I can go on and on about McDonalds and cows
Its cows that produce the most methane in the world and McDonalds pays 3rd world countries to grow beef so McDonalds is creating the whole in the ozone ...thats my logic anyway and I'm sticking to it

Cammy said...

I dunno about the growing cattle in third world countries but I do know about their low standard of food. macdonalds is an entirely different subject of evil.After reading fast food nation a few years back, I had to stop eating any fast food. It really made me ill thinking about how much of that junk I ate as a child. PLus I hate to think I was in support of a company that pays less than minimum wage for the first 3 months you work there...