Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Shellac's New Record!!! AHHH!!!

So guess who has a new album coming out!? Yes Shellac is gracing us with another album! Due out June 5th! I'm jumping up and down. Excellent Italian Greyhound is their first album in SEVEN FREAKING YEARS! I can't wait to grab it on vinyl and with any luck they'll even put out some of their awesome unique 7". I have not downloaded this album, but as usual I prefer to wait and listen to the album at time of purchase. I loathe all who download music! Buy BUY! True music fans buy and support our favs. Although I'm sure the members of Shellac are well-to-do, still, lets be nice and thanks them properly for putting out another record.
Here's the track list:

The End of Radio
Steady As She Goes
Be Prepared
Genuine Lullabelle

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