Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Puppy Mills!

I've recently been blabbing on my livejournal about how much I want a dog and am currently looking for one. As a result I have looked into many options. In my hunt, I found out a lot about aquiring a pet in Canada (and the US) . There are many classified sites that allow people to advertise the selling of puppies and pets. However, I've come to realise that the majority of these animals have come into existence by backyard breeders and not responsible breeders. I didn't really understand what a backyard breeder was until I did some research. I had always heard that you shouldn't ever buy a dog or cat from a pet store, yet i never knew why. Call me ignorant, by I had never got an animal (besides fish) from a pet store, so how would I know anything about it? Apparently these backyard breeders are people who inhumanely keep their animals in cages forever. Not caring for them and merely breeding and feeding them. These animals are endure untreated health problems and confined spaces for their entire lives and live only to reproduce offspring for sales of the breeder. When I did the reading and saw the pictures I was disgusted. After reading numerous articles and websites about the matter I've decided that I cannot aquire a dog through any other means besides adoption. The backyard breeders are the reason their are so many unwanted pets in North America. It's just so sad. For a bit of reading here's a website


Craig D said...

Hi, Ranty!

If there's an animal shelter in your neck of the woods, I'd say go there and pick out the friendliest, most appealing dog you see for a pet.

I agree with you , those "puppy mills" are disgusting!

shoot_mystars said...

Tell me about it. I went to 'Jack's' house the other day and there were 18 dogs, all of which were in cages except 4 pups. I asked why they were all in cages and the remark was 'for breeding of course.' I was like, "Well do they ever get out." And their reply was that they stay in their cages all day long. I felt this urge to just go unlock every single cage and let them free. It's so horrible and cruel. It's disgusting.

By the way, I made this account just so that I can post comments on your blog. haha. I would link you up my other blog, but I'm sure you don't need to read the blog that I have for this host. So this will just be one to post on yours.


Cammy said...

Whos Jack and why does he have a puppy mill? I should go beat him!

Yeay my sissy has an account!

shoot_mystars said...

Mom's exboyfriend. The girlie friend breeds abunch of dogs. And it is so creul. The dogs are subjected to cages their whole life.