Friday, May 18, 2007

Just A Silly Story

I have to tell this hillarious story. It's short don't worry. So the first real relationship I ever had was this horrible mess(as most first relationships) When I first met him he told me his name was Jonas. A month after we've been dating someone calls him Danny. I get all confused and I'm like "why is that person calling you danny?" and he's like "cause that's my name" .all very hesitant. He had told me his name was Jonas. I was confused and said "why does everyone call you Jonas? I mean you even introduced yourself as Jonas? " and he says "oh that's my stage name" .

For the first month of our relationship, I had introduced him to everyone as Jonas. We ended up toegther for nearly 3 years, 2 and half maybe? Something like that and the first words that came out of his mouth were a lie. I should've known after the first month. Bah.

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shoot_mystars said...

hahaha. Oh dear. When I first met Brandon, he introduced himself by saying his name was Sven. But then minutes later he's like my real name is Brandon though. Hahaha, my story is so less interesting. But I thought I'd just mention! Plus I've now been with him for 2 years and some haha! Funny.