Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Your Hurting My Feelings Because Your White!

So I have to totally find some different forum to read. I mostly just read punkottawa and feministing. They're user friendly and fast paced but today I realised that I'm very annoyed with feministing with constantly playing the race card. There was an article that could have been good, about gentrification. But it totally bombed when author Samhita went off and said

"To move into a community, uninformed, taking from it, not giving back and flaunting your expensive Ipod and "ghetto chic" accessories, is a form of violence."

She was focusing on "white" people appropriating black fashion for themselves. Ignorantly wearing red bandannas like the Bloods. It was just silly to me to worry about something as stupid and fleeting as fashion. Or to lay claim to an aspect of fashion. We're not talking about religious symbols here, we're talking about peices of fabric or jewlery that can be purchased by anyone, regardless of their race. They are openly available items!
So anyway got mad that people we're being so touchy and wrote:
"well, if I see anyone wearing punk pins and they are not punk, I guess I should get offended when they come into my punk neighborhood. I guess they are taking a form of violence against my culture... oh wait, i'm white, apparently I dont have a culture."

This comment will no doubt get my profile kicked off the site. Whatever. They can't help but go for the race card constantly on that website. I get it, your more oppressed than me cause your a women of colour! Is this some kind of oppression contest? I thought we were all women and equal in our womenhood? The shitty thing is that I fully understand that women of colour may hit more road blocks in the road of life. I get it, it's more difficult. But I don't understand why they gotta bring "non-feminism" related issues into the feminist forum, just because it has something to do with race. There wasnt anything to do with feminism in that whole damn article. This happens more and more. If you wanna go whine about being an oppressed person of colour, aren't there other forums for this? oh and go ahead and dismiss everything I just said by calling me a racists. I love it when people call me racists in that forum because I'm sick of hearing about non-feminism related issues on feminist forum.

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