Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pregnancy Discrimination

Ah Pregnancy Discrimination. A lot of people seem to think this doesn't happen.. but when it comes to the job market.. oh hell yes it does. I myself have realised this recently when applying for a new position in the company I currently am employed at. So I got the position (yeay me) but in the interview I thought it was rather odd that my boss asked me whether or not I planned to have children in the next few years. I said no, because for me, kids aren't in the books until I have a house. Yet I still wondered if I would have got the position if I had said "actually yes, I plan to have a child before Christmas" or "funny you should ask, I'm pregnant with my first child" . Although its highly frowned upon to ask a gal if she's planning to go on maternity leave anytime soon, it's also not exactly illegal and when your in private sector, what exactly can you do without a union or proper HR dept?

As I was reading on, apparently in the United States its an issue as well. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has reported more more complaints than ever in regards to recrimination against pregnant women. Apparently the complaints have risen nearly 19% (4,901 last year, from 3,977 in 1997). That's pretty nuts! I for one am a bit worried about what will happen when I am ready to have my first child! I think I'll have to research all the nitty gritty of maternity leave in Canada before I do so.

I have to say that I find it incredibly hilarious that our culture can push women so hard to have kids (and make those who choose to abstain feel inferior) and then offer little support when they decide to squeeze one out?!

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