Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Doomed to play the waitress forever?

I've been working for the same company for just over a year now. After the first two months of employment with this corporation, I went from temporary fulltime office clerk to permanent fulltime sales coordinator. This meant a double in salary plus benefits and commissions. It's a really good position and an enormous step up from where I started and I earned it.

When I started here, I brought my female boss coffee about 4 times a day. She loves coffee. Then it slowly became getting my female co-worker coffee as well. Then it became getting the bigger boss coffee...then it became getting out technical support technician coffee and finally our marketing specialist. Lets not forget any visitors that might be here. In the run of a day I make roughly 6 to 7 coffees about 4 to 5 times a day. Now that I am no longer office bitch and have been promoted to a permanent person with demanding sales responsibilities, I'm actually still doing all this.

I thought I kind of of risen above office paper pushing clerk, coffee gal. I suppose not. To make things ever-so much fun, my male boss often remarks "make me a sandwich while your at it!" or "can't you make some muffins or cinnamon buns?" Although he's joking, its just typical and indicative of his personality and that he really does see women as sustenance fetching vehicles. There are dozens and dozens of other examples of blatant sexism but they do not relate to this article because this particular rant is about the dispensing drinks.

My current situation is, I am about to meet with one of the big corporate head haunchos to discuss my future with the company. I am up for a new position and a bigger salary. What's to say that if I am awarded the position that I won't still be playing the role of cocktail waitress?

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