Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Species Not Fit For This Planet : The Ant

Ah the Ant! Mother natures most ignored empire! If mother nature really cared for the ant then they would be technologically advancing. Alas! The ant has made no effort to advance, in their over 120 million years on this earth!

And thats why the Ant is today's choice for my new series of articles: "Species Not Fit For This Planet!"

The ant is said to have evolved from a prehistoric wasp..which would make this the first and last creditable advancement for the ant. Ant's have no hearts or lungs. Ants absorb oxygen through tiny pores in their exoskeletan. They don't even have lungs for christ sake! Not too mention, mother nature figured that ants dont even need to see! Many ants are totally blind! To make up for this, mother nature gave them some crappy feelers that are organs which omit pheromones.

The ant does however, know how to perpetuate itself. The colony does works for the colony. This is a credit to its race for sure. If they weren't so damn stupid they could build a super computer and take over the universe like the borg! They already have the Queen and organization! They just need to put things on a grand scale!

I once saw this creepy movie made back in the 70s about ants that bore into people and control them. I think the movie was actually called "Antz". So the ants take over the world by taking over people and they run technology and yadda yadda. If the Ants did this in real life, I would deem them fit for this world. However, they have not accomplished this and that means they have not advanced in science or technology.. so they are not fit for this planet. It's too bad cause they could have been the next borg.

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