Thursday, March 1, 2007

Is Hip Hop Dead or Just Dying?

This article might just be a glimmer of hope for people who rock music to take ceneter-stage on the charts again...

I've never been a fan of the thug hip hop that seemed to consume video space after the demise of grunge and the failure of industrial music to surface into a mainstream movement. Rapping has dominated airwaves for the better part of a decade and even managed to seep into metal. It lived not only in the sex/drug and violence glorified street hip hop, but also in the mainstream top 40 bopper shit that included teen idols the likes of justin timberlake and christina agrulara. I couldn't be happier that the sales have dropped. Maybe some form of rock can step up or maybe not. Most likely we'll just hear the same convoluted garbage on the air.

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