Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Tenacious D- The Pick of Destiny

I finally got to see this. My boyfriend picked it up for me at the store while I layed sick in bed watching Woody Allen oldies. I really enjoyed the beginning of this movie! It freaking rocked. That kid that played Jack Black as an angsty child that liked to say fuck, was awesome. So funny! There were guest appearances by some of rocks finest! Dave Grohl is the devil! Dio plays himself. Immediately I laughed when little Jacks father enters the scene and is played by Meatloaf.

I had heard the Sasquatch song somewhere before and remembered thinking it was too rediculous to be funny but now in the context of the movie, its freaking hillarious.

I missed this movie in the theater and remember hearing very little about it when it was released. Turns out the movie made little more than 12 million worldwide.This could have been attributed to the fact that it was release during the Borat uproar, proving once again that timing is everything.

There's nothing overly originaly about the movie. The plot is simply about 2 losers looking for a legendary pick that made all the great rock icons famous. The movie is litered with rock referrences and like so many great movies, pokes fun at the die hard rocker who's fat, lazy and doesn't work, who clings desperately to a dream of one day living the sweet party life of rock and roll. Perhaps this isn't overly relatable to the general public, but it was for me.

Basically, if you play guitar or obssess about rock n roll you'll find this movie amusing. And I mean, come on! it's Tenacious D!

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