Monday, March 12, 2007

My Towns Music Scene

So I put on shows for rock bands. Yeay. However, I've recently discovered that doing so where I live is just stupid. Its over saturated and unfortunately, popularity is key to getting people out to your shows. I'm just not popular. So I give up. No point in doing this in any large scale, which I was hoping to do. I don't mean making money. I just mean I wanted to have a few shows that got a lot of people and have a fun time.

I have had some good shows, but I have recently gotten into a bind and I found that all my efforts and money invested is wasted on bands who a) aren't serious and b) don't show my efforts any credit or return favors. So since I'm neither making money, getting favors or making contacts for future shows, why the hell am I investing time, money and effort to do this? It's stressful and ceased being fun.

Fuck the music scene here, its obvious why it sucks. There is just so little support.

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