Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Something about feminism not being neccessary?

It's not even 9 oclock in the morning and already I gotta read this crap.This article from the Times touches on an article I blogger on earlier in the week. And this is the second time I've seen this :

Only the older career woman, worried about a life ahead without a family to fall back on, still feels there is a battle to be fought.

Since when is a family a fall back plan? Confusion. Is that how men really view their families..?

Okay let me attack this:

At a stroke, Ms Weldon seemed also to be disposing of the famous Naomi Wolf argument, which once claimed that the fashion and cosmetics industry, dominated by men, dictated how women should look, forcing them to strive for a state of impossible, male-imagined, perfection. Those goals are still there, of course – in fact if anything they are more demanding than ever – but they are set, or rejected, by women.


OKay then the author goes on about books with wives of domestic virtue...

The article gets better sort of... but I fear that I don't understand what the authors acutal point is other than disliking the work of Ms Greer...

Anyway the whole beginning of the article was just aweful... and man am I ever hungover!?

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