Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Oh Dr. Helen... hours of entertainment.

Wait, maybe I should just call my blog "trashing bigots" . What do you think?

So I've been reading Dr. Helen's blog..okay you have to check it out cause she's just so silly. For someone who claims to have so much education, you'd think that critical thinking would have let her address her own bias.

Exhibit A failure to address authors descriminatory mark about the donation of left over eggs. Heterosexuals only!

Dr. Helen isn't all bad, but for the most part she's just plain silly. I like the article on tipping where she's saying the best tip is when someone told her she'd better get a better attitude if she wished to get a career in waitressing. Now everyone who's ever waitressed has had a customer like that. But Dr. Helen says "I left shortly afterwards, realizing that what she said was true--with my personality, I had no future in waitressing" I know I'm just harping on the smaller things she's said on her blog.. but I'm of the opinion she can't be someone with a lot of redeeming qualities anyway. If I know one thing, it's that people who can put up with the horrifying treatment that a waitress receives just to make ends meat, have amazing will power, drive and tolerance. Dr. Helen, couldn't have needed her job very badly... Anyway, she also has a whole paragraph on tipping. She also says:

I have also noticed that hairdressers and spa services charge more than psychologists get for an hour of psychotherapy from Medicare, our share? 67.00 per 60-75 minutes. I went to my hairdresser yesterday, and was there an hour and a half--my total bill: $110.00. You could say that the poor hairdresser has to pay for being in the spa, but try the overhead of a professional office, it's probably more

I'm sorry but if you've got $110 dollars to blow at a salon, then your making some good cash lady.. and btw, the overhead costs of hairdressing is substantial! You'r paying for product they use in your hair while your their (incl. shampoo, gels, spray, dye, tools) plus time for cutting your damn hair perfectly.

oh then, she says :

If doctors and professionals can deal with people who balk at having to pay a five dollar co-pay for their care, then massage therapists and hairdressers etc. can tolerate not getting the whopping tip they think they deserve each and every time.

okay wait a second... is she comparing doctor's salaries to hairdressers salaries and saying they're equal.. I'm sorry... am I misreading her? Correct me if I am please. I can't understand why someone with "education" could say something like this...

OKay so maybe I'm still mad at her for cutting up feminism and being too stupid to see the goals of feminism. Maybe I'm still bitter because she's so sucked into the idea that feminism is about female superiority and not equality... yes I am. So? What ya gonna do about it? I think I should do a weekly blog on her.

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