Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Another Mom Blaiming Article.

Blaming pregnant mommy.
Researchers say kids likely to crave unhealthy fare if their mothers ate junk food while pregnant

Hear that ladies? Your bad! Bad women! You have determined that your child's fate as a fatty with your horrible lust for junk food while pregnant!! (insert sarcasm please)

Okay, let's just review this article for a begins with:

A little ice cream and the occasional pickle is one thing.

(wait whats wrong with pickles?and ice cream has calcium right? But if the London Royal Veterinary College says so...

A Harvard University study released earlier this year showed that women who gain excessive weight while expecting were four times more likely to bear children who were overweight by age three than those who remained slimmer during gestation

no way?! you mean if you put on weight then the baby growing inside you will too?

But it's also been suggested that these mothers raise fatter kids because they continue poor eating habits long after giving birth, and pass these on to their children.

really?! poor eating habits cause children to be overweight!? no... it couldn't be.. I mean, noo.... your joking..

OKay, then the study claims that mothers who eat fatty, salty, sweet foods will actually "re-wire" a babies brain while in utero, to crave those food all their lives! So wait, I guess that means that before said mother ate deliciously unhealthy food, that the baby would have grown up as a perfect being who would be pre-disposed to enjoy only food of the utmost healthy quality.

oh and the researchers used rats for this... which they say "removed human social, cultural and psychological factors that could prompt youngsters to choose burgers, chips and doughnuts." Because they have done this, they are saying that it proves a direct link between a maternal junk food diet and the development of the appetite. I'm sorry but this sounds like horse-shit to me. I can't believe they'd waste money on something like this. Are they not taking in account that humans have their free will and ability to choose what tastes they find preferable?

Why are people constantly looking for a way to explain obesity when the answer is obvious? I'm so sick of these damn studies. Not a day goes by before I see another one. And apparently we must now blame mothers everywhere for "re-programming" their children to be fatty,sugary,salty eating machines before they even have a chance to try solid food! Bad mothers! Your fattify-ing the entire population! If only you could show more restraint while pregnant and horrible uncomfortable, and starving constantly, and puking, and not sleeping, and being kicked by your child, poked and prodded by doctors we wouldn't have fat kids everywhere!!!

The fact of the matter is, shit does get passed to your baby in utero. Stuff that fucks it up, like drugs for instance. But what they're suggesting is "re-wiring" of the brain and that's just silly. You want a baby that's not overweight then get a copy of the Canadian food guide. Don't blame yourself because you binged on some french fries. The messed up this also, is that the article never states how much weight gain during pregnancy is "excessive".

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