Wednesday, August 8, 2007


A week ago I was commenting on a feminist blog and this troll came in and started blabbing about us "angry" feminists and how we're so egotistical. So anyway, for the hell of it, i check out his blog which he was also bragging about. His blog which is so cleverly labelled Antimisandry, is of course, just female hating in disguise. The majority of articles are about "false rape reports" and conspiracy theories about feminists. It's screaming about evil women not letting fathers see their kids by using the court system as weapon and all kinds of garbage. I tried to find something credible in there.. I'm trying to give the persecuted penis, the benifit of a doubt but I have to admit it's pretty damn hard after reading a couple of those articles. Posts are typical really, false rape alligations, women killing their children, how young boys are receiving poor education... yaddda yadda.
So owner/author of the site proclaims that his site isn't anti-women, it's anti-feminist... I'm sorry... isn't that basically saying that you don't care about women's rights and equality? soooooo isn't that basically anti-women? I think the articles speak for themself. I'm always shocked by these sites even tho I've seen so many.

oh I've linked this particular thread from the site where a feminist goes on to ask questions about anti-feminism. It's messed.

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