Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dr. Helen on Domestic Violence.

Oh Dr Helen, Dr. Helen

You have to wonder what kind of crazies she "hears" from. Cause you know if you got nothing to blog about, then you just make stuff up!?

Here's how today entry started:

When it comes to domestic violence, we're frequently told hear that men getting hit doesn't matter because even if men get hit, they are rarely hurt.

(Oh yeah, and she spelt the wrong "here" but who am I to care about spelling and grammar errors)

If reciprocal violence results in more injuries

what if one person hits their attacker, there might be more injuries?! Are you serious!?

By focusing only on men, women never get the help they need to reduce violence. The false notion that men perpetrate the majority of domestic violence and women are on the receiving end just doesn't seem to be holding up in study after study.

It's a shame all the studies she links all lean in favour of the commissioners opinion.

I always love Dr. Helen's domestic violence posts because of how they attempt to demonize women... not that most of her other posts don't do that as well. Anyone with any ounce of brains knows that men are victim of domestic violence as well. Dr. Helen however is of the opinion that men are the majority of domestic violence victims just like she believes that the majority of men who are accused of rape, are in fact falsely accused.

To really grasp how fucked up Dr. Helen is, please read her "about me" section. It gives you a perspective on her general outlook on western society and people.

I think Dr. Helen's mission statement should be changed to "Let's make cookies so the boys will like us"

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