Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Why Men Kill Their Wives.... news?!

I was reading >this article today and I got to thinking how lately I seem to be reading a lot of articles that just aren't compelling. Keep in mind I read the news everyday, I go through dozens of blogs with links and you know what, some things are just not worth bringing up. Why is this news?! The great people at the Boston Globe must have incredibly sheltered lives because they are pondering why men kill their wives as if nobody could ever figure out why men kill their wives. Once again.... why is this news? What's even more stupid is that Feministing.com apparently also thinks this is news. Why?! Granted Boston is talking about a couple men who locally have murdered their wives but the whole question "why, why!?" is stupid. It's not like a train suddenly de-railed and we're going "why god, why?! how could this have happened". No we're talking about something that happens all the time because of men who think women are disposable. It's not a god damn mystery. I can't help but think the author is writing a summary essay for some class.

Make no mistake, I'm not linking this article because it's interesting and revolutionary and put new ideas into my head... no I'm linking this article cause it's so uninteresting that it has further reminded me of how horribly redundant the news is.

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Cammy said...

the man should be writing about how we can stop this kind of thing from happening... argh.