Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Aggressive Panhandlers slay man in Toronto.

Crack Heads !

Well I can't help but think the particular people who took part in the slaying were actually 21 year old x-run-away kids.

I'm deeply disturbed at how bad Ontario cities have it right now in regards to the homeless population. It's happened now that crack is so cheap (less than $3 a rock) that more and more of the homeless population are addicted. I live off the main drag in ottawa and am asked for change every two blocks at least. All of the panhandlers I encounter are either high or drunk. When is Ontario going to wake up and do something about this? When are they going to fix the system?obviously these people weren't always like this.What cracks did they slip though? It's so sad. Ottawa is such a beautiful city, we don't want hostile streets.

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