Thursday, August 30, 2007

Facebook Weirdos...

So I know this isn't fem news, or canadian news but I just had to blog about facebook strangers. Does anyone else have trouble with facebook strangers? I always get the weirdest comments from complete strangers to my inbox. Over the last month I've received 3 enquiries from different people wondering if I'm their long lost, sister, daughter, and neice. I've posted about the retard Cliff who was bugging me before and blocked me for some reason, even tho he was the one who was pestering me??! strange.. today I get some random guys correcting me on my list of bands and then trying to be friendly, because you know, if you wanna make friends with someone you should always correct them to make yourself look superior first.

Anyway, does anyone else get weird "stranger" emails from facebook?


Sunshine Morningstar said...

What do you mean correcting you?

I have gotten some odd people adding me as friends or messaging me on Facebook. I never add them if I don't know them. One girl added me and when I ignored her she started messaging me, insisting that she knew me. She said stuff like, "Remember Pine Street School?" "We had fun at camp this summer!" Uh, no...I didn't go to that school...or camp! What!!? Mostly funny but if it was more frequent I can see how it would become annoying really quickly!

Cammy said...

oh correcting my spellings on my profile and stuff!! thats what I meant. So irritating! especially cause they're like "oo lets be friends, btw you spelt all this wrong and your stupid" ... ack.

man, its funny when people insist that your someone else!!