Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Women Stabbed With Sword In Dartmouth, NS.

Woman Stabbed With Sword!

This happened in Dartmouth Nova Scotia, just outside of where I grew up!! It's sick. You don't expect to hear stuff like this but domestic violence has been on the rise for quite sometime in NS.

I'm a little annoyed how the headline reads "pregnant women" . I wonder if the event would be so plastered all over the chronicle harold if she weren't pregnant. People get stabbed all the time in the Halifax/Dartmouth area, and you rarely read about it.

Halifax/Dartmouth like any city has its violence. But it feels as though I read more and more articles about domestic violence. Back in 2003 authorities thought they had a plan to prevent femicide. Officers responding to domestic disputes had a 15 point questionaire to give to the female involved about whether she thought her boyfriend/husband/whomever would pose a fatal threat. (kinda stupid if you ask me, who really thinks they're spouse is gonna kill them? and if they did, would they flat out tell you about while wishing to stay in their spouses company? We all know that women of domestic abuse aren't capable of thinking completely logically. Battered women don't leave for psychological reasons)

The better part is that the officers have their 24 count check list they keep to themselves about what they see/hear and all that to determine if the women is at high risk for femicide.. however, I haven't been able to locate any information about how well the program has done since or whether its reduced femicide. After reading the article today, I'm inclined to think there are better things the law enforcement of the city could be doing.

I'm going to further research Nova Scotia's domestic violence protocal. I'll let you know if I find anything useful.

Oh I thought I'd post this useful piece of info I got from an volunteer who works for the Halifax Sexual Assualt Center. It's about how quickly violence escalates when a woman becomes pregnant

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