Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Patronizing the smoking population

In response to a question on PunkOttawa post about media making it okay to verbally bash smokers.... anyway i thought I'd weigh in.

I'm a smoker, and I respect peoples right to clean air. If someone doesn't want to live with a smoker and infect their air.. no big deal! It's their right to breath clean air.

However, I am sick and fucking tired of people approaching me on the street to tell me that I shouldn't be smoking. Part of this I think is because people think I'm much younger than I am so they think I'm a minor smoking.

But whatever prompts these people to walk up to a complete stranger and say "you shouldn't be smoking" is really pissing me off. My usual responses are :
"oh really!? god I had no idea! What have I been doing to myself all these years ?Thank you for letting me know!" followed by a furrowed brow.


"Jesus came to me last night and said I was invincible"

or whatever other crap enters my head at the time.But if these strangers are particularly rude I take a big drag from my smoke and blow it in their face. Most people look confused and walk away when I do that.

At any rate, I respect peoples right to clean air...(however with the polution no one really gets clean air) but I will not tolerate asshole strangers walking up and telling me my fucking business! paternizing smokers does not make them want to quit! It just makes them want to yell back at you.

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